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What is life about? What is my purpose in life? How can I be happy always? Give me all the knowledge. I cant stand people who make excuses of time and money. It gets on my nerves. Yet those excuses are so genuine for most people. It is so cool to say I dont have time for some people. I seem to be in a total criticising mode today. Women have two more deadly excuses- my husband and my children. So those are used time and again for all the things we dont want to do. I know certain youngsters who say we are bored and everything is boring.

What is the ultimate deal? Hum kya karna chahte hain? Life is passing by and we are living it. How do I inspire people to do something more in their lives. Yes we all live, eat , earn, read, travel, party, shop, work,etc. What else now? Do we want to know our purpose in life? I am not talking of being a Sanyasi and renouncing the material world. I am just talking about looking at Now What? Material needs will be achieved and then we will just double our…


Back to life and back to reality...... I remember this song from my college days. I am back from My Beyond Feng Shui workshop in Pune. Pune does that to me- so peaceful, so calm and oh so loving.
In the train the guy was playing the flute ankhiyon ke jharokhon se. What a movie and what songs. As a child I cried whenever I watched this film. The music makes me cry still. Films of that genre are made no more. Wonder who wrote the lyrics of this masterpiece.The blind man who was playing the flute and walking with his wife, what did he feel when he heard this song for the first time. You know the wife also smiled in acknowledgement if you put a coin in her hand. One rupee coin that is all I had and all I put. The generosity was in praising them in my writing not by giving them my ten rupee note!
On the pavement a guy was getting his shoes polished. As a bonus, the shoe polisher, polished his dirt filled rain soaked hem line of the trousers. Luckily the shoes and trousers were both black.

Many Lives, Many Masters

Shivaji Park in the afternoon is really peaceful. The hot blazing sun showing off on its last leg before the onset of monsoons. My favorite temples where Gods are having siesta with the steady drone of traffic. The trees providing what no sunscreen or sunglasses can provide- breeze and shade. As I walk to the temple and then for a cab, I see couples sitting on the low parapet. This is the low seating which runs all around the park. Shivaji Park has two walkways one the broad pavement and the other is the walkway parallel to the footpath. The seating parapet divides the two. Couples are sitting pretty close to other couples.Some young and some not so young. Definitely no one looked like husband and wife to my rose tinted sunglasses. The boyfriends girlfriends were joking , giggling. The intense ones had the woman crying and man wondering now what. One was explaing his life fundas to her and she was besotted. I was wondering will he leave his wife for her. The young ones who had a fight…

My Cab driver- my Paulo Coelho

The cab driver started talking as soon as I sat in the cab. Very soft spoken, neatly dressed in kurta pajama, even the beard and hair were neat. He spoke in chaste Hindi with a touch of Urdu. Said all cabs today want a minimumfare of hundred rupees per passenger so wont go if the fare is going to be less. He said all of them ride cabs par fark sirf parvarish ka hai. The cab drivers he knows earn from a lac a month to fifteen thousand a month. He said in twenty five years of working he has learnt a couple of things. One is Gyaan/ education or knowledge and second is tandurasti/ health. He said if you can give these two things to your children , it is a job well done. Yeh do cheezen aap ke bacche se koi nahin chura sakega aur inhi se woh aage badh sakega. He said you may have to give twentyfive years of your life and do hard work , then the child will completely be responsible. He kept saying whether boy or girl is born, maa ko dard utna hi hota hai. So she has to spend time , effort an…
Things I still am trying to figure out..........
What happens to a woman when her son marries and she becomes mother in law ?
Are maternal instincts only for your own blood?
What happens to women when the house help doesn t turn up?
Why do I want to hide certain things till they are done?
How are people living in single families different from those in joint families? Do they love less?
Why do elders keep bragging about their times, their poor health, the lack of facilities in their times?
Why do I use the same tactics to discipline my children?
Do I believe struggling is the only way to grow in life?
Why is it that some people look fresh and clean all the time and I have to struggle?
Why are some houses warm and welcoming?
Why do some houses make me restless? Is it me or is it the house?
Ever since the mobile invasion, how come a call on the landline is never important? The same person calling on the cell phone is exciting?
Why do men and women marry when they dont love each other?
Why do men and …

Venice Mumbai

Vadas in Venice and Sev puri in Vatican is what people eat on dealer trips.

As for me I took a train ride at six thirty am and it was a first for me. People are all dressed to go to work. Bathed hair oiled, gajras in place and lipstick for the more urban ones. Food was being shared at seven am. One lady gave a part of her chapati bhaji to her friend . Standing some people could put full make up that is eye pencil included. There was a slight drizzle in Bandra. Well MET dept will be happy that the rain Gods made their prediction true. Mumbai is really gearing up for the monsoons. The newspapers are the first to start publishing last year s pictures and the havoc the rains created. BMC and MMRDA blame game starts in early May. This time till april they were busy with elections. I took a trip to Alfa and have got three umbrellas for my loved ones. Hannah montana for the youngest and she also chose a Winnie the Pooh rain coat. Elder one stuck to Pink Barbie rain coat. We also have Hannah M…

My tryst with Spas

Suddenly news papers are full of articles of new spas opening all over the city. You read about power ladies at a spa brunch or ads with all non surgical face lifts, tummy tucks, back polishing. I also got an sms from some spa saying my teeth will get polished for free and 15% of on all dental corrections. After reading the sms, I ran to the mirror to check if my teeth needed fixing. Why cant we accept our selves the way we are? Why the changing , fixing or should I say the new buzz word transforming? The multitude of spas in the city scares me. Where have they all got this sudden money from and will they survive five years down the line.I also know that even a sev puri waala in Mumbai makes money, so these guys with all the marketing gimmicks are sure to know their job.

The Spa doctors are all hot looking chics. In medicine, if you are really bad in studies with poor marks and dont get admission for post graduation in the department of your choice then you are sure to get a seat in de…