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My new Blackberry

I had never heard the word "technically challenged" for the first thirty five years of my life. I have got to know the meaning, now that I have got a Blackberry from the husband. I cant believe we make simple things so tough, then make them expensive and people like me fall for all these marketing gimmicks. I resisted buying BB for a long time time. I have downgraded my desire from an i phone. I keep projecting to the husband what a big sacrifice I have made. Waise I do this very often to him about Ihow many sacrifices I have made and more emo demos of that line. Sometimes I am actually fed up with my own nonsense.
Anyways , I am completely upset with my new acquisition. May be I resist change, may be I am growing old. The children still have to grow and I am desperate to move with times. This whole urge that if my child asks for a gadget atleast I know what it is.
Am I competing with them or am I dying to keep up with all friends who have a BB. God, this is definitely not som…

Three Women

When I am dying to write is the time I am not near my computer or there are other pressing concerns like the children in midst of a fight, a guest coming and meal to be prepared or maids to be instructed. Coming to maids , I have three who work part time for me.
Nirmala and Nikita happen to have been full timer earlier at some posh houses in Napean Sea road. They have worked for large rich families. Both speak Gujrati better than me. Both are barely twenty.
Nikita even knows English. I am amazed when she talks to the children in the school language. She talks of Dora and Tom and Jerry and Barbie. She tells me to put a chart in the house with names of both children and dates. When they do something bad, I am supposed to put a black star and if they do something good then the star is the colur of their choice.. pink, yellow , red, blue.She plays phone phone with them where the first the maid is supposed to pick up the phone and then pass it to the kid. What a game !
Once the elder child …