What is life about? What is my purpose in life? How can I be happy always? Give me all the knowledge. I cant stand people who make excuses of time and money. It gets on my nerves. Yet those excuses are so genuine for most people. It is so cool to say I dont have time for some people. I seem to be in a total criticising mode today. Women have two more deadly excuses- my husband and my children. So those are used time and again for all the things we dont want to do. I know certain youngsters who say we are bored and everything is boring.

What is the ultimate deal? Hum kya karna chahte hain? Life is passing by and we are living it. How do I inspire people to do something more in their lives. Yes we all live, eat , earn, read, travel, party, shop, work,etc. What else now? Do we want to know our purpose in life? I am not talking of being a Sanyasi and renouncing the material world. I am just talking about looking at Now What? Material needs will be achieved and then we will just double our needs. After a point it is always about bigger abd better. The race to finish goes on. Am I looking at life beyond?
I go to the gym for my body, I go to the parlour for my looks, I go to shops to clothe myself and feel good, I buy food to cook and to eat, I shop good things for the house. Eternal quest for better house, better food, better body, better cars, better education. I have taken care of all my phsical needs, material needs, family and social needs Am I doing something for my soul?
It is so easy to say I have all I want or I do everything for myself and my family and I dont want to do any thing more. Then I have just stopped playing. Every learning for the soul heals me. Every transformation cleanses me . Every step I take towards transforming myself, shifts the quality of my life. It shifts my life and my family s life. I move, they move automatically. The question is am I willing to move? There is so much self righteousness that I do not want to look beyond what I know.It does not inspire me. There is no curiosity. And I of course know it all.

Someone said We die, when we stop questioning. Are we dead living our lives? Do we have an urge to do something for our souls?


  1. hey tr,
    Reading your blog made me felt you don't have a soul .
    you are a soul and you have a body..


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