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Trees and Taxis

Just when my trees have grown back, they have dug open the roads. In this year, the trees in my lane were chopped off seven times. I mean the branches were brutally cut short. All the people with road facing houses on lower floors, want the trees to be cut away from the balconies. The people who park their cars in the bye lanes as Mumbai does not have enough of parking space , want the branches which grow towards the road, to be chopped off. The cars are more precious than the trees. The Municipal corporation has reasons to cut the trees for road widening projects and the fear that the branches may fall on pedestrians. Mumbai rarely has the wind velocity to cause too much damage but  it hardly takes a phone call to the authorities, to have a tree massacred. Not to forget the Builder mafia, which kills old trees from the roads, if it is anywhere blocking the building facade. A new building called Vidhaata just did that in Khar. The builders also kill the trees in their compound to gen…