Venice Mumbai

Vadas in Venice and Sev puri in Vatican is what people eat on dealer trips.

As for me I took a train ride at six thirty am and it was a first for me. People are all dressed to go to work. Bathed hair oiled, gajras in place and lipstick for the more urban ones. Food was being shared at seven am. One lady gave a part of her chapati bhaji to her friend . Standing some people could put full make up that is eye pencil included. There was a slight drizzle in Bandra. Well MET dept will be happy that the rain Gods made their prediction true. Mumbai is really gearing up for the monsoons. The newspapers are the first to start publishing last year s pictures and the havoc the rains created. BMC and MMRDA blame game starts in early May. This time till april they were busy with elections. I took a trip to Alfa and have got three umbrellas for my loved ones. Hannah montana for the youngest and she also chose a Winnie the Pooh rain coat. Elder one stuck to Pink Barbie rain coat. We also have Hannah Montana pencils, erasers, sharpners, colours, bags and pencil boxes for both the children. I have managed to see her song which is top of the charts. The only grace is that Miley doesn t look as dumb as Barbie. In fact she is a very smart girl. Hats off to the people managing her career. They are doing a fab job of it. I had never heard of her and then Devika attended one birthday party. She came back with Hannah Montana stickers which adorn my walls along with the Hussains and the Van Goghs.
Our local trains sure have improved and so have the people. No one complains of heat and crowd. Every one is happy talking, reading or listening to radio.This was all in the ladies compartment. The men have a long way to go. The general compartments were very very crowded.A ride without beggars and vendors is peaceful. The flower lady at Dadar managed to convince me to pray a lot for many days by selling lot of marigolds to me. Like the song Genda phool. I did not miss the Gondola ride.


  1. Hi Parul

    Adventurous to travel in a train and that too early in the morning..!

    Very nice description.I am hooked to your blog now.
    Thanks for it.

    God Bless you.


  2. dear Parul
    liked vivid description of early morning train travel .

    know, its a unique travel experience.

    It also reminds me of a 5 am Punjab roadways bus I used to take from Udhampur to Jammu , on mondays during University days.

    Back home there is hardly a month in the year when it doesnt rain.
    Monsoons arent that eagerly awaited , prepared for.

    Sad , doesnt happen like that in west.
    In Gujarat Monsoons decide, Diwali kaisee hogi.

    thanks for adding to my GK with info about HM. My kids know more about her than I do.

    loved this one, but where are the Venice, Vatican photos.
    next time please write more about these places


  3. Hi Parul,

    It's me Bintu here ,

    first of all let me congrat you for starting your blog ,

    I am really impressed by reading all your posts

    I allways had the feeling about you that you
    were very intelligent and now i feel more of it by reading your blog

    you are present day munshi prem chand ,like him you write such wonderfully in very simple language and that makes you unique like him allthough he wrote in hindi .

    yesterday by chance i got this oppourtunity to read your posts and believe me i slept at 3 o clock in the morning ,I read all the posts over and over again and i was mesmerised by the same .

    I am sure no viewer in this world can leave without reading your full post and may be he will read it couple of more times.

    I loved every thing you wrote ,not only because you wrote , but the way you wrote ,with full honesty and with your heart pouring from every word you wrote.

    from the corporate world to the samosa wala bhaiya near carmel school , from the kaya clinics and vandana luthrea to shop at t point and various acctivities you did in fathepur lane.

    You transformed me back to our good old Dhanabad and all tht nostalgia you know....

    allthogh i liked every thing you wrote but some lines were very moving ,like when you said you will look for a child in the face of people serving food in parties

    while you were unhappy with so many things and so many people who cheated other people in making money ,you also fully praised good people like shiamaks , vijay , anita ,anishas and nazeems.......

    your posts about Baa and your upbringing , about your mom and dad were very touching too . Baa was really Godsend. A really very pious lady .

    you remembering chaar number , jeolgora , bhaaga ,lakshmania more and katras mores made me laugh , how stange names we had in dhanbad

    your coming to dhobatand was allways joyous moments for me because your ever smiling face was such a refreshingly and beautifull sightand moments for all of us who saw you ..

    and last but not the least about yout daughters who love to dance at shiamaks and their fondness for hanna montana like all the childrens of their age ,and i was also impressed to know about the stickers they adorn your walls along with Hussain and Van goghs , rich taste you have Parul ,

    It was also first time i came to know that a gentelman keeps seeds with his bussiness cards , We must salute these gentelmen , a noble thinking in this world of globle warming

    and before I end i must say this you keep on writing and one day i see you getting bookers prize and latter on nobel for english lit ,
    i am serious , you write so beautifully and i am sure one day there will e a million hits on your blog surpassing even AB's posts .

    bye for now

    cheers and tc



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