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Aham Brahma Asmi

Saat Aasra Manmala Mandir is a place I cross every day. It is a Swayambhu temple.  Swayambhu loosely translated means self manifested. India has lots of temples where a stone or a Linga is worshipped and that form has just come from the earth. Years back, there was a Manmala tank  which was a pond near the temple. Now only a small well remains as a memory of the water body. I visit the temple often on my way back from Yog. The temple is kept very dirty at all times. I have actually had altercations with the priest asking him to keep the premise clean. He doesn't throw anything old from the temple. The cloth on the idols, the coconuts which are offered, old diyas, old rags, brooms, old tins, old pipes. All this is kept inside the main temple facing the Gods including the Pandit's dirty unwashed trousers. The Banyan tree inside the compound has been  half chopped. Every time I visit this temple, I get hassled. I go because I am religious and spiritual. I get upset and tell myse…