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How do you identify with love?

Sometimes when I write, I wish to complete on all my friends comments, shares and feedbacks. But the mind is coming up with some other things to write or I have exhausted myself of that topic for the time being. Please bear with me for that.
Had attended the family day of Chinmaya Mission at the Chinmaya Ashram in Powai. There was a talk given by a Swamiji. She asked what is Love? Why we want Love and Respect? All gave explanations and answers. She gave us the Swami Chinmaya s definition. He said Love is identification. I am sharing what I got for myself and figured for myself with it.

If you identify with a thing, you love it. If I identify with a value, I love that in a person. If I identify with a quality and if someone has it I love that person. Its like if I think aggressiveness is a good quality in today s tough world, then when I see someone aggressive, I automatically appreciate that quality in the person. I may not love the person but I respect that bit in the person. So if …