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Summer and General Elections

The new green leaves have come on most trees. An occasional koel sings in the mornings. Mumbai still has lot of old buildings left alone by the land sharks. I noticed them during my train ride in the Central line of Mumbai. Each building had some beautiful old trees. Buildings witness to generation and trees witness to so many emotions. So difficult for the trees and the brick walls to be there and not react. They continue to treat everyone with benign kindness.

The Pawar party office at Taikalwadi near Manmala Mandir is on the pavement. They first made an illegal office with Grills and a roof. Then they  started keeping plants in the adjacent area of the pavement. Later the plants got a fencing. Now there is a huge brick wall. I noticed and felt angry and bad. I do not have the zest to call BMC and find out the relevant office and complain. I also fear these political types in spite of living amongst them.

I met a vegetable vendor or a bhaji waala carrying 40-50kg of vegetables and …

Health and Happiness

Yesterday on my way to back from the supermarket, a lady asked for help to get down from the pavement to the road. I held her hand and she climbed down. She did not look very old or unwell. She had to walk towards a bylane and did not have to cross the road. I walked ahead. When I turned back, I saw her struggling to reach the bylane as the vehicles were taking a turn at that point. I went back and helped her to walk till the end of vehicular traffic lane. She started crying and said sorry for troubling me. She said her husband was unwell, her daughter in law does not talk to her, their flat is under redevelopment so she is staying in a tiny house,she is walking to her daughter in law's house and her husband is not there. She referred to her husband as her 'Mr.' All this said in two minutes. I told her to believe in God and keep praying to him. I turned back and our child wanted to know the reason for the old lady's tears. The lady was just overwhelmed by a stranger&#…