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Erase and Rewind

Went on a holiday to a few places. Met a lot of loved ones. Feel complete and rejuvenated. I can't even spell the word 'rejuvenate' and had to use the dictionary to get the correct spelling. I realized that to feel that I need to be surrounded by my loved ones. Going there made me realize how much family means to me. How my childhood memories are stronger than my adulthood memories. How those snippets of conversation make me smile even after years. In between, I did not visit my hometown for a few years. People keep coming to meet me so there never seemed a need to go there. Adding to that we now have the technology of cell phones, Facebook etc so all news was received. Appropriate calls were made at the right occasion. Right things were said on the phone. It all reduced to a formality and went in my list of things which cannot be avoided. I lost the real connect with the place and people. All information/ news came filtered through various channels. I added my own meanin…