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Memories in Clothes

In Mahim and Bandra, the schools which teach the tenants of Islam have only Muslim students. They wear a lovely uniform of salwar kameez with two dupattas. One is pinned to the Kurta/ top and the other is used as a head scarf and in a very intricate way. The combination of light blue and sky blue work very well. The children look adorable as little girls. These schools are not co educational.

The Canossa convent uniform is another one I like. A royal blue fitted frock with box pleats. This low waist frock has a white cotton belt. The children have to put white hair band and tie two pig tails with white rubber bands. The blue and white looks so fresh and "student like". The fabric quality is thick and looks ironed even at the end of the day.

Then when I see the college children, I wonder what happens to them. Suddenly the body is unbathed, the jeans are dirty, the fit flops are sloppy and the hair is all shaggy. Is this rebellion mode? Why do teens not want to look smart and…

Dubai Diaries 4

Global Village is a must visit in Dubai from October to March. It is a huge open air fair  and a cultural and artistic extravaganza with pavilions from different countries like India, Africa, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia etc. The Indian pavilion is the largest and most beautiful. There are cultural programmes going on everywhere. Ample food from all countries to suit all tastes. The restaurant guy was inviting us to eat a his place by saying 'This is the only place in the world where India Pakistan is together". He had Indian n Pakistani food and clientele. There is Kahwa and different types of teas, sweets, salads of all countries to taste and munch. The Egyptian cotton is a must buy as is the dates from Saudi Arabia, the kesar/ saffron from Iran, artefacts from Morocco, jewellery with stones from Lebanon and more. The food here is fresh, local and a treat to the senses. It requires at least 4-5 hours to explore, experience and enjoy the Global village. I e…

Dubai Diaries 3

At Dubai Mall, there is a lot of sunlight used. Saw that at the Mall of Emirates and Wafi Mall too. In Dubai Mall, the sun roof in certain sections opens to the skies in the winters to let the cool breeze in. There is something called a village street, which is the open air section of the mall with clothes drying out and quaint little cafes by the side walk. You may miss it if you are too engrossed with your shopping.

What is happening with the retail sector in India vis a vis Dubai? Am sharing some of my experiences.

At Marks n Spencer, Mumbai:  I went to buy lingerie. Asked for my size in the colour and stuff I wanted. The lady assistant asked me my alternative size. I was stunned. She said everyone has two sizes for undergarments. This is how they train their sales staff in India: Sell at all costs as the customers are dumb.
I did not have a choice so I returned a few days later. First time I saw a male assistant at their Lingerie section. I asked for the same stuff. He smiled and…

Dubai Diaries 2

The visit to " At The Top" Burj Khalifa is a must. It is the tallest occupied building in the world. The elevator takes you to 125th floor viewing gallery in one minute. The view includes the desert sun, sands, blue sea, blue skies, city skyscrapers, fabulous roads, new construction, The Palm and The World in making. Book in advance on the website to avoid queues and paying more money. The waiting area has a display of all the tall buildings in the world and a lot of child friendly information on Burj Khalifa. The story goes that it was to be named Burj Dubai and all pamphlets, brochures, invites etc were ready with that name. Then Emmar properties ran short of funds. They were helped by the King of the neighbouring Emirate Abu Dhabi. He insisted it be called Burj Khalifa.The King of Abu Dhabi is Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Wear comfortable shoes and keep a 30 min walk time between different places inside the mall which you want to visit.

Kidzania at Dubai Mall is popular …

Dubai Diaries

This self imposed sabbatical from the phone continues. I am cleaning more drawers and making more meals at home. Talking less is also helping. Wanted to share about our Dubai vacation but I feel all that I write would be like a travelogue. Don't know how to articulate and also what I enjoyed so much, people may not experience the same joy from those things. In other words, I want to make an impression on you and if I am not guaranteed of that, then I shall not write. All this wheeling and dealing still exists within me.

First thoughts when we were 'At the Top' at Burj Khalifa, 125th floor public viewing gallery, Why can't our country be built so well? All the work there is being done by Indians, Pakistanis, Nepalis, Bangladeshis and Philippinos. Why can't same work, same kind of progress be in our country? The same people execute all the planning and construction in Dubai and not even one hundredth of it in India? We really need to look at what is it we are doing …

My lost iPhone

I had been on a holiday. I lost my phone in the desert. Not just any phone but my iPhone. I had been so crazy to own an iPhone. Whenever He asked me to buy, I said it was too expensive. Finally he gifted it to me one Diwali. I was happy but the cost was staggering. My Jharia upbringing does not allow me to splurge on myself or anyone for that matter. I cannot walk into a mall and come out with bags full of stuff for myself. My shopping is a self rationed out phenomena. I manage to lose one phone every two years. I use a cell phone for one year maximum before it gets slow. Now this is splurging according to me too. But the iPhone was a much desired and waited for phone. I waited for a month after getting it, to start using it. It was the ultimate gadget for me. I did not use half the features it had. iTunes was complex and I did not want to pay for every song I downloaded. I did not use it for any features it charged me for. No one ever had an iPhone charger in their house, so I was a…