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Republic Day

My thoughts on Republic Day.

Mumbai had a beautiful flavour on the crisp cool Monday morning of 26th January 2015, our Republic Day.  The parade and the floats in Shivaji Park were worth the time. People travelled from far and near to see the parade. We saw the Republic Day Parade in the National Capital in the afternoon repeat telecast on television.

Akshay Kumar was good in the film "Baby". He is one actor who has not got his due or enough roles which make him work well. Made me think of all the people living for our Nation and giving up their lives for our safety.

I could not believe the media and the so called 'seculars' were criticising even our Republic Day parade. What are we doing to the morale of our Armed forces if we cannot appreciate and respect them for their supreme sacrifice? Where is our National Pride?

Since they could not find faults with the NaMobama meetings, they took on about Modi's clothes. The 'Seculars" never criticise the numer…


During my growing up days in Jharia, there were no extra curricular activities for children. For that matter, who needed those things?  We girls were all natural dancers, thanks to our Gujarati blood. Mother thought of channelising our talent in Garba to classical dance. With great difficulty, she found a teacher who would teach Kathak. This gentleman was from North Bengal or Nepal. He asked us to buy Ghungroo. We were so excited wearing them and walking all around the house. Eight feet playing the musical with the Ghungroo. 'Sir' as we addressed him taught us the first basic step. We were not particularly committed students. Our issue was that 'Sir' came to teach us on Sunday evenings at 4pm. Our Sunday evenings were sacrosanct. They involved a trip to Dhanbad, visiting our father's Nani Ghar ( Maternal Grandparents' house), our Granduncle's house, a temple in Dhansar and snack buying at Rajendra Market. This was followed by dinner at Skylark Hotel. We we…