My tryst with Spas

Suddenly news papers are full of articles of new spas opening all over the city. You read about power ladies at a spa brunch or ads with all non surgical face lifts, tummy tucks, back polishing. I also got an sms from some spa saying my teeth will get polished for free and 15% of on all dental corrections. After reading the sms, I ran to the mirror to check if my teeth needed fixing. Why cant we accept our selves the way we are? Why the changing , fixing or should I say the new buzz word transforming? The multitude of spas in the city scares me. Where have they all got this sudden money from and will they survive five years down the line.I also know that even a sev puri waala in Mumbai makes money, so these guys with all the marketing gimmicks are sure to know their job.

The Spa doctors are all hot looking chics. In medicine, if you are really bad in studies with poor marks and dont get admission for post graduation in the department of your choice then you are sure to get a seat in dermatology. All these spas run full page ads about what they can do. So the new Birla spa has a new flunky doc called Abhijeet Desai whose photo is in all their ads. What is the gentle man s fame to claim we are not supposed to know.
The older one in this game is Dr Jamuna Pai. SHe used to be on the panel for Miss India contests before the new doctors took over. Her clinics have become so aggressive. Once I took an appointmnet. They never tell you that the appointment is with a junior doctor s assistant. She checks you at a table in the lobby of the clinic itself. The clinic is an old small bunglow, well done up with plants and diyas. Then this women , can I call her a doc took over. SHe saw my face and immediately took out a camera and started clicking. I didn t get a chance to pose. She said that is for records to see how much my skin improves. She then filled a long form to know how may people in my family had diabetes, cancer,miscarriages etc. Then she came to the conclusion that I have poly cystic ovarian syndrome PCOS was written in caps on that paper and antibiotics were prescribed. So I told her look you have asked me about my family but nothing about myself. I have just had a baby and the skin eruptions is due to harmonal changes in the post partum period. I cant take antibiotics. Oh!b That was her reaction and she ran to some other doctor who was busy doing laser for one and all. That lady said Koi baat nahi dose kam kar de and some more whispering which I could not get. I was getting more pschyed out by the moment.Our junior doc s assistant comes back and says these are your medicines and show me your arms. i think your abdomen and arms have loosened after baby so you need a non surgical blah blah blah. The ordeal was not over . I still had to pay. At the billing, a fifty year old women next to me with severe skin acne was standing with her prescription. Her medcines were same as mine written in the same order. I paid and fled.I didnt buy those medicines.

Some time later I got inpired by the lovely Kaya ads. Three salons took more than a month to give me an app.I was terribly impressed. App was with doc to check your skin and then recommended treatment. i reached on time early sunday morning. The doc had not arrived and was then going to be busy with lasers. So why dont you take the facial and then meet the doc at a later date. I had to pay so was willing to be the bali ka bakra. The floor up and the rooms were like a hospital. All dressed like nurses. Various white powders and gels were mixed on my face.Some thick non breathable white medical paste was put like a mask. In the end the mask was pulled from the face like in that Tom cruise movie.I asked the nurse how come she joined this, she said she wanted to join a BPO but didnt get the job. Here she got in with no experience what so ever. I got a follwup call the next day. I gave my feedback. I was called for a free doc consultation. It was supposed to be free in any case.
I feel worried about how they fool the public. How some educated and aware people must be paying thousands for getting treated by junior most doctors assistants.

Last year for my birthday my husband decided to gift me a full day spa treatment at the JW Marriott. No, I haven t left him. He just owes me a birthday gift for last year.


  1. Dear Parul,

    That was just mind-blowing! What an insight u have given to the Spas which i had been planning to visit for don,t remember how long. My God! I thought u r sooo beautiful, thanks to the spas u maybe going to but i was wrong! Yours is a natural beauty! Wonderful.

    One of the best post i hav read.loved it.By the way any idea how i can put this post on Facebook?want to show it to all my spa friends:)



  2. Thanks Parul,
    Mallis enthu is down and all the brochures she got from Orient Spa , are in the dustbin now.

    Joking !

    agree with what you say about Jamuna Pais and Vandana Luthras of the beauty world .

    You need to be intelligent enough to see through all this gorakh dandha, and smart marketing.
    Congrats for writing an eye opener.

    heard that Ananda spa in Himalayas ranks as one of the best in the world.
    Zinda rahe toh jaakar dekhenge why its the best.

    and yes do share your feedback when you go to JWM.

    God bless.

  3. Dear Parul

    Amazing write up.......

    Highlights the point to accept and appreciate our natural beauty.




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