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Speak truth and be damned. Indra Nooyi spoke about how she feels guilty and as a woman you cant have it all, and a debate erupts. The feminists are saying how demoralising it is and blah blah. Every woman journalist, even if she covered the society pages, had her view on how Indra Nooyi's life is.
The Pope talked about paedophiles in the Church and the PR machine at Vatican went on an over drive denying what was said by him. They accused the publication which printed it. Which organised religion is without crime?
Rani Mukherjee after hiding her relationship with Adi Chopra suddenly wants to go all out and talk about her love, marriage, maids and all the publications want to cover it. All are aware her film is up for release and her non existent career as an actress needs all the Boost/ Bournvita/ Horlicks it can get.

Truth sounds like lies to us when certain people speak. Truth hurts  because we have a certain view of how things are or how they should be. Anything contrary and I …


I was walking in the rain. Some days, I walk because there is no cab in sight. Mahim by-lanes were all green and with newly paved footpaths. No water logging near the pavements or the drains. I was admiring the greenery and the lack of people on the roads. It was sheer bliss, the sound of incessant rain, no strong winds and the dark clouds hiding the afternoon sun. The cars were not splashing any water as the roads had no potholes. This was nature and BMC together at its best. I had had a lovely lunch with my child's school Mommies. The banter was more fun than the food. A friend dropped me across the Arabian sea. I mean we crossed the Mahim causeway from Bandra. I take the Mumbai sea for granted so many times. Then something makes me pause and start admiring its beauty. That moment of pause is when I am awestruck, one more time. Its glorious all the time as we all go about our daily chores but I don't even see it.
In a few moments, I realised I was not enjoying my walk in th…