My Cab driver- my Paulo Coelho

The cab driver started talking as soon as I sat in the cab. Very soft spoken, neatly dressed in kurta pajama, even the beard and hair were neat. He spoke in chaste Hindi with a touch of Urdu. Said all cabs today want a minimumfare of hundred rupees per passenger so wont go if the fare is going to be less. He said all of them ride cabs par fark sirf parvarish ka hai. The cab drivers he knows earn from a lac a month to fifteen thousand a month. He said in twenty five years of working he has learnt a couple of things. One is Gyaan/ education or knowledge and second is tandurasti/ health. He said if you can give these two things to your children , it is a job well done. Yeh do cheezen aap ke bacche se koi nahin chura sakega aur inhi se woh aage badh sakega. He said you may have to give twentyfive years of your life and do hard work , then the child will completely be responsible. He kept saying whether boy or girl is born, maa ko dard utna hi hota hai. So she has to spend time , effort and energy on their health and education equally- no differentiation.
Later if your child does not turn out good , it is not your fault. When you sow the seeds, you always think is pedh ka phal meetha hi hoga. ( The tree will bear sweet fruits). If the fruit is not so sweet, it is not the parents fault. The world usually blames the parents. Par har maa baap woh paudhe ki parvarish aise hi karte hai ki yeh meethe phal dega. kami maa baap nahi karte. Har ek mein daag hota hai. Koi bhagwaan ke paas se pura fresh nahin aata. Yahi hai ki hum daag pe jyaada dhyaan dete hai. Daag pe dhyaan na do, parvarish pe do.
He said baccha nani ke yahan jaaye, dada ke yahan jaaye, use aap ko kapde mein lapetna hi padta hai. Baccha kaise bhi ghar mein jaaye, woh baccha hi rehta hai. Rich poor families dont matter.
Baki phir toh, beti ki shaadi ki chinta raees maa baap ko bhi hoti hai aur utni hi ghareeb maa baap ko hoti hai. Phir amir aur ghareeb mein farq kaisa?
He was my Paulo Coelho.


  1. dear Parul,

    We learn,We unlearn.

    life is the biggest teacher.

    Some real gyan coming from a folk who sees life so close daily.

    thanks you shared it.

    and yes havent yet checked any of Mr. P Coelhos writings. will do that now.

    God Bless.

  2. never read Paulo coelhos but heard The Alchemist is his best seller and in Paris they have also named a drink after his name in his honour

  3. Hi Parul,

    That gyan was just so true. Loved it. sometimes by chance aquaintances can teach us so much.

    Thanks for sharing.



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