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Retail tales

I am no bra burning feminist. Actually this bra burning is a western concept. In India, lot of places  the Saree was a complete garment, not worn with blouse or petticoat. Why am I talking all this is because I went to some undergarments shops in my area. When I was in my teens, my mother and Aunt used to buy undergarments for me in Jharia and Dhanbad. I was not taken to the store and neither did I want to go to buy it. My Aunt chose the size and pattern and that was the best. The shops had no trial rooms. If you did not like the stuff, you had to go back again to return it. I do not know if they asked for any explanations for the return of the undergarment. In south Mumbai, where my college and hostels were, it was very easy to go and buy. Salesmen showed you and there was a trial room. The bras were cotton . We only wore white. Black were few and considered sexy but did not match with most clothes. Black was not so much in fashion back then in India. We never wore matching sets of …