Back to life and back to reality...... I remember this song from my college days. I am back from My Beyond Feng Shui workshop in Pune. Pune does that to me- so peaceful, so calm and oh so loving.
In the train the guy was playing the flute ankhiyon ke jharokhon se. What a movie and what songs. As a child I cried whenever I watched this film. The music makes me cry still. Films of that genre are made no more. Wonder who wrote the lyrics of this masterpiece.The blind man who was playing the flute and walking with his wife, what did he feel when he heard this song for the first time. You know the wife also smiled in acknowledgement if you put a coin in her hand. One rupee coin that is all I had and all I put. The generosity was in praising them in my writing not by giving them my ten rupee note!
On the pavement a guy was getting his shoes polished. As a bonus, the shoe polisher, polished his dirt filled rain soaked hem line of the trousers. Luckily the shoes and trousers were both black.
I went to my sis in law s office at nariman point. It was like a ghost walked over me. I used to come there often when I worked for the Oberoi. It was office for Enron, the US energy giant which is no more. Used to go to meet the CEO Sanjay Bhatnagar- really hot dude. He was an IAS officer who joined that company eligible and bachelor. The office was the same like ten years back, same dark green leather chairs and beige carpets and an amazing sea view. I think no place on earth gives a some view the way some nariman point buildings give. Not so high that the sea is a spec. This sea view is alive . You can see the small shanties, the fishing village, the navy housing,the plants in the building and your merc parked down.
The office had the energy of Sanjay all over. It is like people leave the place but the imprint is still there. For a few minutes I was completely lost in that time. Enron was rocking and we at the hotel got loads of business from them. They had engineers lawyers and bankers from all over the world staying at our hotels and flying to dabhol. The power project to us was a reality.I still remember one engineers from Bechtel talking about the schools they were opening at the site for the village children and their children. Could never believe the Dabhol project wont get started and the company will collapse. This office for sure had great energy,I wonder what energy Dabhol must be left with. When we leave a place, what energy do we leave behind?


  1. Energy is neither created nor desroyed - the question is - is it a positive or negative energy. Thanks for writing this article, allowing me to reflect o my thoughts and actions.


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