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Taxi Tales

Uber rides have added a new dimension to my life. Most drivers are relaxed and willing to talk. They are not complaining or cribbing about the traffic or the weather. They seem to be enjoying their work. From our end, we seem to be treating them better. That seems to be the case when we pay more money for a service which we got cheaper earlier. Is this a combination of  better customer service and well behaved customers?
This ride was in the evening to collect my child from a birthday party. Traversing the Mumbai evening traffic and keeping your calm, is the stuff legends are made of. The driver, Altaf, said he has seen very rich days. They had the largest bungalow in Mahim, near Mahim Dargah. His grandmother used to sit on a mattress which was lined with bundles of currency notes. The drums which we use for storage of water, they had it full of 'chillar' i.e. coins. In today's currency value, their income was two lac rupees per day. They lost it due to some reason. He di…