Things I still am trying to figure out..........
What happens to a woman when her son marries and she becomes mother in law ?
Are maternal instincts only for your own blood?
What happens to women when the house help doesn t turn up?
Why do I want to hide certain things till they are done?
How are people living in single families different from those in joint families? Do they love less?
Why do elders keep bragging about their times, their poor health, the lack of facilities in their times?
Why do I use the same tactics to discipline my children?
Do I believe struggling is the only way to grow in life?
Why is it that some people look fresh and clean all the time and I have to struggle?
Why are some houses warm and welcoming?
Why do some houses make me restless? Is it me or is it the house?
Ever since the mobile invasion, how come a call on the landline is never important? The same person calling on the cell phone is exciting?
Why do men and women marry when they dont love each other?
Why do men and women carry on their marriage without love?
Why do I want to do setting before going to Vaishno Devi or Tirupati Balaji?
Why do I use my children as an excuse for all the comforts I want?
How come I now get along with people whom I never liked before?
Why the brokers have no clarity when selling houses? Why no transparency in dealings?
Why people are sweet to me but I dread what they will say behind my back?
How some people have an eye for lovely things in their house?
Why don't I like pets?
Why some people dont like guests coming home because they ll have to cook?


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