It is high time, you did this. 

Timing, it is all about timing .

Being at the right place at the right time is so important. 

Time and tide wait for none. 

There is so much conversation within me about 'time'. Time to get up, time to get ready , time to move out, time to eat, time to sleep. Half the time, I am doing something on that time because there is no other choice. I need to eat at a particular time as the dishes need to be washed and the maid comes home at that time. There is a logical sequence to do things. Time to brush, time to bathe, time to dress up.  Every one of us has the same 24 hours in a day. Some do it with so much ease and some get so stressed about the same things. I dare not refer to friends who keep saying , 'There is no time'. I feel sad for the quality of their life they are leading. 

 I had another story, I used to say there is no time for doing my things. I manage to do other stuff on time. I almost postpone all the things I need to do or want to do, to a later date. After feeling like a big saint that I am doing things for others, I realised that I do not manage to do things on time ever. I need a push or a deadline and then only my adrenaline kicks in. This whole stuff about waiting to feel the pressure to get motivated or performing one's best under pressure, is something I have my doubts about. I mean in a sport or a game, players may perform their best under pressure. But on a day to day basis, this pressure of time is a killer. It is just not worth it. I am perpetually screaming when I have to leave home. First of all, I get up late, then I take longer to choose my clothes and get ready. Then I am committed to reach on time. I do manage that but after upsetting everyone at home. I keep saying I shall plan better 
and be ready earlier, but it has hardly every happened. So for the outside world, I am on time. For my own timeline, I am late. 

We talk of a right time to get married and a right time to have babies. It is different from one culture to another and one family to another. But really is there ever a right time? Some days I feel I should have married much earlier. On some days, I feel the babies should have been born earlier. On some days, I think I should have met the man earlier. But what is earlier or later changes on my moods and feelings. 25 as a marriageable age is late for some and early for others. I am not going into finding the  right spouse bit. Of course, that is the basis of marriage. By the way, I don't know what is 'right spouse' or right time for a spouse.  What age should a man/woman start earning? I feel bad when I see an 18 year old doing some summer internship somewhere because I feel his/her childhood will go away so soon. I want every good thing now but when I have to work, I feel this is not the right time. What is the right time to buy a house? What is the right time to invest ?  What is the right time to quit. Everyone has a different time calculation. 

In Hindi, there is a saying 'waqt ke saath sab badal jaata hai'.  It means, everything changes with time.  This is used by older people. The young generation is busy chanting 'I don't have time, I have so much to do'. Right from the birth time to the potty time to feeding time, we bind a new born. Actually we bind ourselves with time. A child does everything naturally but we start setting timings to it. Why ? Because there has to be a right time for school admissions and so on. When is the right time for the first grey hair to show up? I still tell people, I greyed because I started colouring my hair at an early age because it was in fashion. And when the first pimple shows up, is it at the right time? There is definitely never a right time for a wrinkle to show up.

The kind of games I play with time!!!


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