Ishq Bulaava

Ishq Bulaava is a beautiful melody from the film Hasee toh Phasee. The song is in Punjabi. The picturization and lyrics are so soothing. Like the simplicity in it. Its about love and no sizzling chemistry. There are no heavy words or promises being made in the song. I have been watching it on my Moto G at least a few times during the day. Am yet to figure out if the credit goes to the director Vinil Mathew or the Cinematographer or the singers and the actors. Ta ask your actors to be so subtle is definitely the director's vision. Its not even a blink of an eyelid that the Siddharth Malhotra or Parineeti Chopra enact. It is even smaller gestures like his Adam's Apple moving and Parineeti's tongue curling inside her mouth and little of what we can see through her smile. The camera glides beautifully through the bars which divide the compartments of Ladies First class and second class. Its another matter that Siddharth does get into a Ladies second class compartment as the train starts moving but that is noticed because I live in Mumbai and travel by local trains. This is definitely not a mistake and no one would even realise it. I have seen the song video so many times that each expression of theirs has been  "by- hearted" by me.

A small sigh, a small touch and a hint of a smile convey the world to us. When in our youth or when in love, even the smallest gestures conveys so much more than a passionate embrace. That undercurrent of emotions is in its purest  form. This song has made me think of all the small gestures of love and attraction. Its the budding youthful feeling when love blossoms. This has nothing to do with age. One can experience these 'non touch yet  feel' feelings at any time. Why am I sounding so preachy today? It is because I don't want to say that I find Siddharth Parineeti chemistry in the film red hot. And not in a sexual way but subtle all the way. Because I feel me talking like this is not 'age appropriate'. Soon it will be my child's age to swoon over Siddharth and me as mother or a lady has no business of doing that. I have to be 'propah' all the time and that means no liking Siddharth in his pink shirt and no finding them sleeping on the entrance steps of an office building romantic. I have to start thinking like a mother of a teenage child from now, so that in five or seven years time, I will reach there.


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