Pool of life

I feel like a queen when I have the whole swimming pool to myself. I enjoy my afternoon swim in the scorching heat. The joy to have the entire pool to one's self in this crowded city, is unbeatable. Today for the first time, I went for a swim in the morning, as I have to go out in the afternoon. Morning hours are General swimming timings. Like Mumbai local trains, where we have General and Ladies compartments. Women all go into Ladies compartments and General is treated like an all men compartment. Swimming pool scenario is similar. A couple of small kids were swimming with their fathers and the rest were men in all the 5 pools. I think I swim pretty well. This is the observation I have made of my swimming in the afternoons.
Today was an eye opener. I walked into the pool with ease. Men of all age groups were chatting, diving, swimming or lazing around. After my first lap, the elderly gentleman next to me said that my hand is not moving in the correct fashion. He said it should go above my head straight and not in this leisurely fashion in which I make a semi circle. He swam ahead. I tried to make my hands straighter and above my head. I figured what he was pointing at but he was not around to see the new technique which I applied and whether that was correct. A white french bearded gentleman  told me that he has been asked to swim slow by the same person. He said at his age, he needs to take care as he wont know when he is over exerting in water. He was so open to this suggestion and sharing it with me.

Towards the end of my swim, a young boy in his twenties mentioned that my legs do not come above the water. He suggested I go to the basics of holding the edge of the pool and start kicking my legs. He said that I have to let my body loose. All along I thought I was a good graceful swimmer. He said "You need to do this only if you are serious about swimming, If you are doing time pass, then what you are doing is fine." The whistle blowers arrived and it was time to  get out of the water. The whistleblowers are life guards who whistle as the pool timings have to be adhered to.

What I realised is that its so much fun to be around people and so many people know more than me. I feel blessed when people are willing to share their knowledge with strangers. I was happy to feel the waves in the pool created by other swimmers. The old men and the children were diving so well. The middle aged were like me...scared of diving......Diving into the sea of life.


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