A lesson in grammar

New builders sell Infinity pools. The children say everything is Awesome. Our world has moved to Superlatives. I would not say it is an exagerated version. Its just that if it is not the best, then it is not good enough. Had been for a prayer meeting of my Grand Uncle s demise. The lady next to me was an old acquaintance. I recognized her and she wanted to chat during the prayers and hymns. I was replying to her questions but they demanded more than monosyllabic answers. So to her "How's life?" I said "Ok". She promptly said " Oh! the childhood is always better." She instantly judged that I am unhappy in marriage and I could see the gleam in her eyes at this discovery. My Ok was because I did not want to discuss about my husband and kids at the quiet place. One, to give respect to the person who has passed away and his family. Two, to not get into any conversations at the solemn affair. Three, I did not feel like.Then she pointed out to man in the crowd and said he was the boy who wanted to marry you as a child.The tone said it all. She said he is old and balding now but.... These meaningful and baseless 'buts'. I did not bother to crane my neck to look at him. The Simple Ok was totally misconstrued and will travel like wild fire amongst long lost relatives.

When I crib about something in life, I have to go all out even there or else no one gets my problem. It may be a small issue which is bothering me but I exaggerate.Today's Life is all about complete excitement, complete freedom, jet black, awesome holiday, complete bliss or solace. Each moment is complete in itself and we should live it fully, but does it lead to a superlative life. For me there a is fine line, when these superlatives start sounding fake. In fact I have become so blase' that when I hear cousin s wife talk about outfits worth lacs with a mouth watering look, I just look. I read that if you keep saying all positive things, it will happen: Law of Attraction. But also keep life realisitc. Be present to your real emotions, deal with them and then go ahead and feel good / better/ best whatever you choose.Like the sun shines with different intensity through the day, our emotions also follow nature. We cant be at a perpetual High in life, we would become robotic. Do I use Superlatives to make someone happy and justify it so? I defintely criticise myself in superlatives and I want to stop that starting now.


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