Bai, my Grandmother.

Its that time of the year when Shivaji Park fills up completely. No its isnt another funeral or a visarjan. This is for Ambedkar death anniversary. I have written about it earlier. Have taken children in the crowd to see what it is all about. Never got too scared of the crowds as my Granma always took us to lot of religious places. Baijnath temple in Devghar in Bihar to Kashi Vishwanath temple in Benaras to Srinathji, Nathdwara in Rajasthan to The Mahakumbh mela at Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh , we have experienced all as children. I never saw my maternal Grandparents or my paternal Grandfather as they had passed away many years ago. My Dad's Mother, my Dadi, made up for the absence of all the three Grandparents. She gave me so much love that I never had a chance to miss the others. She showed her love in many ways. Apart from being an amazing storyteller, she cook produce wholesome tasty meals really fast. She had great knowledge of the religious scriptures and she was afraid of no one. She could walk in anywhere and talk to anyone with poise and confidence. She had no ego trips. She did not expect to be treated like an old widow. She was always living life to the fullest. She had filaria and had given up wearing footwear when her my Grandfather passed away within 3 years of marriage.

She taught me what being fearless meant. She taught me what coomunication was all about. I got a good memory by her relating to us all family stories of her travel to various places. She taught me how to be fearless about cooking. She taught me how to welcome guests warmly at anytime of the day. She taught me what being independent was all about. She taught me how to manage finances well and still be rich. She taught me how to keep your cupboard clean. She taught me all about women s liberation before I even knew those words. She taught me that Anything is available to me and Everything is possible. She lived possibility. She took all my worries away. She provided unconditional support to me. She was Mother and Father to me. I feel sorry to share that I have hurt her with my words and deeds. She lives within me. She is love.


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