What about Mother Earth in Diwali?

I want to make the world green. I want the world to be a safe place. I want food, clean water, electricity for all. When I have more than 20-25 guests at home, I immediately switch to throwaway plates and glasses. All the veggies I buy whether from roadside or malls come in plastic bags. I carry my own cloth bags but I dont want to separate the French beans , green chillies and lady finger at home, so I ask for small plastic bags. In a supermarket, they seal the vegetable in a plastic bag before weighing it. Yes, I do save on the big plastic bags. The garbage bin is lined with a plastic bag which is thrown everyday. I want to grow plants on the terrace but the water consumption will go up by watering them. The building is as it is buying tanker water as municipal water is not enough and I dont want to add more tankers. The washing machine consumes so much electricity and water and the maids wont clean clothes as well as the machine does. I want new cell phone every year and then I do not worry about Tungsten mining. I do like wearing diamonds and I can feel bad for the miners in Africa. But feeling bad and doing something about it are two different things. Most consumers feel when they are buying, they are generating wealth and employment. In India, recycling is easy. Thats a good way to save the enviroment. But what about being creative and taking active steps in creating a green world? I am not growing plants or trees. I do not burst crackers but we do buy a few light ones for the children. I recycle clothes, bags, shoes with family and friends. We all give to our household help. These days a big trend amongst corporates to collect old clothes, books etc and give to an orphanage. I always give when I come to know of it but I have been to a few orphanages myself. The children all wear the same clothes/uniform and have the same stuff. It seemed like a rule of these orphanges. Then I wonder what happens to these donations they get in kind.

Mumbai is bursting with crackers. "Carpet bombing" is what an outstation friend called it, when I tried to wish him, above the noise pollution. The schools have failed and the children are bursting crackers with no care for Mother earth. Parents are encouraging it. They want their children to be bold, macho by bursting crackers and loud bombs. The child is bought bags full of crackers and encouraged to burst it. My children want to know what is wrong in it if everyone they know is doing it. This is the eternal question all parents encounter.


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