I can't review a book.

I read the first book by E L James called Fifty Shades of Grey. I am not doing a book review because I am not that well read a person nor an authority on English Literature. I have not even studied English as a subject in college. I am not a sex Goddess to qualify to make judgements about the sex in the book. I am so imp[acted by the book where the author calls her conscience as her Inner Goddess that even I have got the audacity to use the word Goddess. The author is one hell of a lucky woman. I am jealous of her fame and the way her book is doing so well. Not the Booker prize material but it is selling like hot cakes. My 5 year old saw the book and said "Mom, it is selling at all traffic signals." Book sellers at traffic signals is a typical Mumbai phenomena. And before I start rambling about Mumbai, let me tell you about the book.

We have Cheryl Cole saying Prince Harry could be a Christian Grey. So Grey is the hero and Anastasia Steele is the 21 year old heroine. I should be writing male and female lead characters instead of hero and heroine. But the movie on the books will be made soon so why wait. I read only one of the triology. The last triology I read was Stieg Larsson and that was gripping. Christian Grey has lots of sex with Anastasia Steele. But this is no stuff Mills n Boon are made of. This book is about sex and bad writing. Since we as a world are reading less, this trash is surely welcome. Sex sells. Anything that is a best seller is good and who am I to contest that.  I kept reading with lot of anticipation that now there will be a plot or a story. But alas, only sex happened. Am I to say people wont enjoy it? No. Am I to say the Sado masochism sex is bad? No. Am I to say this is morally a bad book or that it speaks of the falling standards of the society?No. People are buying it. Whether it is Mommy porn as they are calling it? A Big No. Does a mom have time for this? Maybe. Is a certain kind of sex good and another kind bad? Who are we to judge what happens between the sheets? People watch porn and is it bad? The book is in the same league of a porn film. Its a little more respectable as it is the written word against a film. Will I read the other two parts? A definite No. Does the book sexcite people? Ya in some way as it is about sex. Do such men exist? No. Is it  a fantasy?Yes. No harm in dreaming about it if its your idea of good love making. No judgements or moral high grounds here. Will men and women both read it? Yes as men will be dying to know what's it all about.

I read the book out of curiosity. And the first volume has taken care of that. Violence puts me off and SM is violence even if it is mutually agreed upon.
Give me a Mills n Boon anyday.


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