God of small things

I have 2 wind chimes on the terrace. With the night sea breeze, they clang a lot and wake us up. On some nights, I remember to put them on the red tiled terrace before I sleep.On some nights we sleep thru howling winds and clanging chimes, too sleepy to get out of bed. Last night, I spent a good hour untangling one of the wind chimes. I had to hold the chime straight by the small ring on top. Then look at all threads and metal cylinders to figure who is caught up in what. During the whole process, it kept giving its musical notes. It was so relaxing and happy. I managed to untangle the first two very easily.The beautiful symphony continued as I tried to unravel the mysteries of threads,metal and wood. The husband thought I was angry, so he let go of his telewatching ritual to check what I was up to. I was completely lost in it. Could not get my eyes off the black threads and the silver metal in my hands. Eeeks !I am sounding like fifty shades of grey:)  For me, it was one wrong move and I would have to start all over again. The entire process was so musical and so therapeutic. There was no resistance met. All threads and bars were so pliable. I just had to keep my balance right and work with one hand. The music never stopped. I felt happy with a deep sense of accomplishment.

These days work is no more about the hotel rooms filled or the room revenues or the ARRs achieved or the targets met. Life is about melody every step of the way. Life is about letting loose. Life is about letting go. Life is about untangling. Its not even about clearing a messy situation. Its about seeing the beauty of the whole. Its about acceptance and joy. Its about the God of small things.


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