Life is simple

After the anger outburst and simmering, there is a lot of self introspection. I go through every thought and strategy to justify myself. My righteousness seems the only thing that matters. I wrote the earlier post after simmering for a week but the anger was still evident. I cursed and I cussed.  Then the question was why am I still here in this place, if I have so many grudges? Apart from the husband's work being here. The anger continued in all areas of my life till my body. I had a catch in the back. Louise Hay confirmed that it was the message: Get off my back.  I went to the family Doctor and he just said that back ache is always due to stress. When did it start? I knew exactly the moment on Monday, I experienced pain. I smiled. He said that I will not give you medicines. Please continue doing your yoga with full awareness. I paid the fee and stepped out feeling better . Doc had insisted I join the Yoga class and he is a regular there for last 15 years.

Next day at Yoga class, I informed  the instructor Ramanathan Sir about my visit to the Doc and how he refused to give me medicines. Refused as in he said its stress and if I can bear it then I should not take any medication. Ramanathan Sir was amazing. He said there will be good and bad in this world. Breathing correctly will help me accept the positive thoughts more. I cannot change anyone but my power of accepting people the way they are can go up. He said mine and my partner/ family's spiritual path are different. I have come to complete my Karmas. If someone is suffering, it is their Karma or deeds. Stressing myself and blaming others will not reduce their suffering. I have to do all my roles of mother, wife etc but learn to be detached. Deep breathing, relaxation , meditation helps us achieve this and makes the walk easier.

After all how can I say Life is easy kya karein ?


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