Wasseypur aur Hum

The very name “Dhanbad” got into limelight a dozen times in the last few weeks , making it the reason enough to create waves of curiosity amongst almost every native of Bihar. I had my share of inquisitive moments too.More than anxious, it made me proud…proud that my childhood state has drawn so much attention from such famed individuals as Anurag Kashyap and Manoj Bajpai,just to name a few…

The D-Day arrived and my excitement saw a new high. The movie started with a bang, shot, murder, sending shock waves deep down the spine. Concentrating on the storyline I ignored all the violent gestures. Brilliant and realistic portrayal of how the Coal Mafia and their political ambitions following the gang war often made my heart skip a few beats, as the cameras rolled… it didn’t occur to me once that I was sitting along with a hundred other people including a few children ( some,who had come accidentally and regretted, as ,they couldn’t identify well with the plot). Lucky me. I felt all along as if I had myself landed to some part of Jharia that I had never ever been to, at any point of my stay there. It was exciting, it was cruel, it told gory tales, all seeped into immense melancholy.

At the back of my mind I couldn’t help but wonder,"Is this what Dhanbad’s all about?” Our Dhanbad was never like this. Wasn’t it about disciplined missionary schools, colleges surrounding large green cover, picnics at golf grounds and neighbouring Topchanchi, Putki and Usri falls,meetings and fancy dress rehearsals at Rotary clubs, shopping and savouring at Chawda Mansion, gathering and sharing joys around festive seasons and were sorrowful on not being able to get a ticket to the Great Empire Circus. And, of course, a bit selfish at times … but isn’t that what life is all about?

Well well, back to the story of Wasseypur and its various characters…the wife played by Richa Chaddha has impressed me like no other has done in the past twenty years. A treat to watch a woman who can be so gullible and gutsy, fierce and straightforward. Her honesty and dependency touches…my mind wanders once more now marvelling at the strength of a small town uneducated, minority woman…even if she does get weak on some occasions, she can very skilfully conceal her emotions, especially, while dealing with a policeman on one end and her toddlers on the other.

Sadly,the husband played by Bajpai lay dead by the rival gang, , by the end of the first part of the movie(the second part releases in a month or two). Leaves one guessing, which character is going to motivate us to watch the latter part… Though the man was twisted, cheated upon his wife, was mean and wicked, still, with love for his children, concern for his wife and with his wild and whacky humor ,he separated himself from rest. Our hearts undoubtedly went out for him more than once, probably because his father too had been a victim of the gang war…

Throughout my journey around Wasseypur, my delightfulness multiplied whenever there was any mention to names like Asansol, Topchanchi, Jharia etc. but, at the same time, there was agony at the torturous ways of justifying things . Felt proud at the determination of the woman characters, and felt ashamed a lot of times too. Ashamed at my birth place being shown in such bad taste. Anurag could also have highlighted some other eye pleasing areas and should have broken the monotony and the feel of heaviness, I felt. What a down cast impression of my small and sleepy town….

Very soon I realized, as I slipped out of my own dream, and couldn’t help but contemplate, on how ignorant I was, how self centred and occupied with my own ups and downs I was, in my own shell and in my own comfort zone in my younger days…

Hats off to the whole Gang of Wasseypur, for raising me to higher consciousness and showing me another facet of life this clearly.
Go, watch it girls…aur ab permisun do…kaahe ki bina permisun ke wassepur mein ek ladki ek ladke ko apna haath tak choone nahi deti…sorry agar maine aap sab ko dara diya toh. There are enough comic moments to keep your attentions balanced and prevent you from going off track!

Ab dijiye permissun ,..... This has been written by a friend and I wanted to share it with all of you. Got her permission to do so.


  1. Hi Parul, very good writing!
    You made my old memories revive. I lived in Jharia for 21 years and now when I am living in one of the best cities in India(Chandigarh), I am still missing Jharia a lot even though there were many problems we faced while living there. I miss my school friends in Digwadih and good times spent at Bank more. I don't know how could I express my feelings towards a place where I spent my childhood, you can understand that.

    Again, very good blog and an awesome writing.

    Mayank ( email: mayank_atri@dell.com )


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