Parents and children at resorts

I get very irritated by aggression by people when they see food. This is most obvious at a hotel buffet. Kids run to the buffet and push the adults away. Guests want hot food on the table by the waiter in spite of the buffet set up.
People are crazy. They will take all fish pieces from the gravy. Some will ask for more meat in the gravy and will wait for 20 min till it comes from the kitchen. Parents have this weird fixation of feeding their children even at the restaurant. The kid is crying as he is being force fed. the parents are proud that they are doing a great job of shoving food down the child s throat. Then you have rich Indian who can afford more than one child and carry a maid along for the child. The maid is supposed to hold the crying baby and walk all over the restaurant while the parents are in the pool. The wailing children in a restaurant is too much to handle. It can spoil anyone's meal. These parents are oblivious to all this. It is not the child's fault. Most parents do not tell the child where they are going or how the child's routine might change. Even if the child is 2 months, a parent should convey this to the child. The child then just adjusts well.

In India,lot of the middle class and the rich leave their children with the mother's parents when they go on a vacation. They feel the child is not used to travel and will not be comfortable with outside food. The parents do this even on trips to South east Asia where Indian restaurants are many and affordable.Then you have parents who want to rekindle the romance in their lives and feel only candle light dinners and red wine on a foreign shore can achieve this They need to really look at how fake their relationship is to need all this. My suggestion do not have kids if it interferes with your lifestyle.

Parents, please treat your child as a human being. Talk to the child. teach him acceptable social behavior. In your love, do not make your child a misfit. There were 12 year olds who could not peel the egg shell and had to have parents do it. There were kids who ran all over the restaurant while the waiters were carrying hot food. Poolside behavior was obnoxious too. Parents did not know how to swim but would enter the water with their beer glass. The mothers who did not know how to swim would sit in sarongs. The kids would cry and howl as they have never swam before. The parents have taken it upon themselves to teach the child swimming in the resort pool in these couple of days. Swimming was a macho activity for them. So they would ridicule their own child by calling him names coz he was scared of water.

The resorts had cycles for kids. The children are supposed to use the cycle and leave it back. The parents of almost all kids told them not to return the cycle during their entire stay. So even if they were not using the cycles, they would lock it and keep outside their rooms. Hoarding mentality starts here. At another resort, they were charging 60 bucks for a cycle for an hour. Believe me, all kids were walking and the cycles continued to be parked in their garage. Parents were not paying for the cycles. Where the cycles were free, they taught their children not to share the cycles.

There was a very simple family of parents and twin boys. They were the worst of the lot. Every water or land safari we took, the four would occupy 4 window seats after pushing all others. They would take the binoculars which were meant to be shared by the group traveling in the same vehicle and not pass it to others when animals or birds were spotted. They were this quiet mean and horrible people. Made me realize all hep people are not aggressive and all simple looking people need not be nice.


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