Keep it clean

We are back from an amazing vacation. India has so much to offer. Why do we Indians go abroad when our country is so beautiful. I mean if we have not even seen our country, whats the rush to spend our money on foreign shores? All want to go to Hongkong now because it has a Disneyland and Dubai beacuse it has ice skating. Have the parents ever thought of Mahabalipuram, Coorg, Kabini, Bandhavgarh, Kalipur and so much more? We traveled to places which were within three hours of each other.The topography , the weather , the food, the culture everything changed from one place to another. They do say that in South India, the taste of the sambhar changes every 100 km. I thought lots more changed than just the sambhar. South India has amazing roads, clean restaurants, clean public toilets and Superb hotels. Whole of Maharashtra and Gujarat surely cannot compare to the tasteful clean hotels and places which South India has.

I do not feel good when I demarcate India into North and South. When I am writing this, I am also implying the people in both parts of the country. To say "We are Unity in Diversity" is all good but the let us all as a nation take a spell check. It cannot be that Maharashtrians are okay with dirt and bad roads. Ask a Maharashtrian this question and he will say "It is the North Indians who dirty Maharashtra". The North Indians are there everywhere from Rohtang to Goa to Bekal but so are the South Indians, may be not in the same numbers. Instead of so called 'outsiders' learning our good ways, we in Maharashtra put the entire blame of filth on North Indians. Shirdi and Pandharpur are such physically dirty towns. God,Please do not curse me for writing like this about pilgrimages and holy sites of Maharashtra. Our Politicians are the richest and the rot is the deepest.

What happened! I was going to share with you about the beautiful places I visited and here I am lamenting about the filth in Maharashtra.I felt calm in the clean environs. I saw that it is possible to keep a tourist city, monument or a public toilet clean. When will the Congress state government wake up and when will the BJP Sena municipalities in various districts clean up their acts? When will we stop throwing garbage out of our car windows while traveling? When will mothers stop throwing used diapers of their children by the roadside? When will girls who have their periods use the public toilet and leave it clean for the next person to use it? When will we stop throwing PET bottles in the smallest water body we see? When will we stop leaving used tissues all over the place? When will we find a dustbin when we want to throw stuff?

Questions which we do not need to answer. The answer is in the action we will take to keep our environment clean.


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