Summer Vacations

Vacations are a great time. We never did anything in our school vacations. I do not remember my parents getting stressed about which classes to put us in. For that matter, my Mom never even planned a trip for us. Our Mama ghar was in the same lane Fatehpur Galli where we lived. My Nana Nani ie my maternal grandparents had passed away much before I was born. going and staying there was not going to be fun. So I used to go and spend my holidays at my Dad s Nani ghar. So I have met Dad s Nana, Nani, two Mamas and Mamis. My Dad s maternal cousins were more like my cousins and more my age too.Seven people from that family are no more. Then a house which I liked visiting was Mom s mama ghar ie Mom s maternal uncle s house, which was in our lane. I called them Mama and Mami. I have spent time with them. They are no more. I am scared when I talk of people whom I have such fond childhood memories of and they are no more. Death is the eternal truth.

One vacation I learnt embroidery from a relative. SHe was good at it. I would go to her house in the afternoon to learn. In my eighth and ninth standard vacations, I learnt to cook. After the tenth ICSE exams I was attending cooking classes by the best professional Aunty in town. I would learn and then cook the same at Dad s Nani Ghar. Some things turned out well and some were not up to the mark My own family did not encourage any food trials. Since vacations were spent at relatives houses, I learnt a lot about house work or rather how to help in house work. I would be like this little errand girl, calling people from different rooms for a meal or passing a message to the servant who was working on the other side of the house. I loved the sunlight, greenery and breeze in Dhanbad which Jharia never provided. For me nothing could be more hep and cool then my cousins place in Dhanbad. It was the ultimate in cleanliness, space and friends were always welcome there.

Only summers feels like vacation. During Diwali there is so much to do and relatives meeting. Winter break is so short and Mumbai is so lively that one week gets over in no time. This summer as i fail in my attempts to keep the house clean, the lethargy sets in. The sea breeze gives respite in the evenings. The small terrace is ideal to sit and browse through my thoughts. The loneliness is there. For me and my children as we wait. Wait for schools to start or vacations to end? I am not ready to Mall it out.

We went for the IPL cricket match at Wankhede. It was super excitement. Wankhede was Blue and buzzing with excitement as Mumbai Indians won against Deccan Chargers. The event management team was super efficient. The security was firm, subtle and not rude. I was amazed at the secuirty people/ bouncers. They were doing an amazing job of taking care of the people and preventing any mishaps. One drunk boy and his friend were removed from the premises even before the match commenced. The food was abundant and here I must mention the Jain Domino s pizzas got over really fast. Mumbaites were happy, peaceful and celebrating. Wishing the same for our lives, our vacations and our Nation.


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