My Philosophy

Guess what? I write about bosses and all my friends who have never worked wonder what kind of bias is this. I write about relationships and my friends who are into different stages of relationships wonder what am I up to. I dare not write about religion. I think all will be offended one way or the other. I used to be very serious about religion. In my house , God, temple and Puja were not the things one joked about. These were grave matters. All followed it without anyone asking you to. So I believed in God naturally as my environment provided it to me. When I took up Philosophy as my major in college, I started wondering. The meandering thoughts, the various writers with their own views on God was so different from the Ramayan, Mahabharat and the Bhagwat Geeta I knew about. No shlokas only some Greek n Latin sayings.

I had confused Philosophy with Theology which is the study of religion. There were only three students majoring in the final year. We had 2 teachers. Nothing was casual about the class. Proper lectures were held. We were 2 hostelites so if we bunked, we were called to the class from our rooms. We all loved the subject and the teachers were so passionate about what they were teaching. We had a choice of subjects and the teacher helped us choose tough ones which we would otherwise not study or read. She managed to make it even more interesting. My love for the library grew because of that. We enjoyed reading and researching more than we were taught. We knew philosophy was not really scoring except the paper in Logic. So we were not pressurized by marks at all. It was truly a pleasant surprise to be the 20th rank holder in the Mumbai University for my graduation exams. The college remembered to honor its bright students.

The politics started when I joined the Travel n Tourism at Sophia Polytechnic. Same campus but a world of a difference in their ethics. The hostel provided bad food, no chappatis only rice. Breakfast was only bread. The main Sophia college gave food. We did not have to survive on bread for evening tea, lunch and breakfast. The polytechnic treated the people from the main college very bad. The hostelites were treated worse. The college faculty was sad. I am sure I knew more than them. They just gave us notes from history text books of ICSE. I had quite a few scraps with the teachers. The visiting faculty was excellent and we enjoyed their classes. It was not a good period of my life. The students were catty. The hostel rules were weird. The room given to us was out of the hostel corridor and would get locked at night. The cupboards were outside the rooms. The clothes and shoes were stolen and worn by others. I was in a long distance relationship which was messy. I regretted that I did not pursue philosophy. The university gave me a scholarship which came very late and I had paid the fees at the Polytechnic. The friends in the main college had convinced me that Philosophy was not a career option , only a study option. I would never make any money. So I had chosen to do Travel n tourism and start working in a Travel Agency. I did well in my career because the course was fantastic and I learnt a lot. But all it was a not so nice year of my life. I even got stuck in the hostel elevator for half an hour. I was happy to leave the Polytechnic, its hostel, the teachers, the friends and the relationship.


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