Men again!!!

What is up with these men? They are loosing all the stuff we read about in those romantic novels. Chivalry went out long time back. Now the men are so meek and weak. I know I am on an offending spree these days. So all these so called men who are doing reasonably well in lives are so so scared of their wives. Let me rephrase this, they put all the blame of things they can't do on their wives. Actually they are so double faced. In front of their wives, they portray one picture. Behind her back, they are normal. Or may be normal is when they are with their spouses. The men these days pretend so much. Even in a group, what the men speak around their wives is so different to what they speak when she is not within hearing distance. Today s women doesnt want to stick to 'Holier than thou' image but the men are totally into it.

When I was in college, the men were cool. You met them, you met their friends and their girlfriends and you met their cousins too. Nowadays, the men like to compartmentalize things. So the girlfriend is met separately, the friends in a different ambiance and the family is handled away from all this. Sorry, I am sure the men even manage a lot of space for their colleagues.

I think the girls these days have become so choosy. They are the ones rejecting guys. The guys have no say except what their mothers have to say. The women are visiting their parents much more. The girl's side has a say in lot of matters related to the couple. Earlier it was all about boy and his family. Now the boy is expected to take holidays with the in-laws and Sunday lunches are always with the in-laws. Slowly but surely the boy s family is being cut off. Serves them right! They think if they have produced a son in the Indian community, the world should dance at their feet. There is this little shift in the urban middle class, a very slight one , but we are inching forward. Crime against women has to stop. And in most cases the boy s mother is the one responsible. She thinks they have acquired a free maid in the new bride. She is the one instigating for dowry. She is responsible for making her son a Mamma s boy. She is also responsible for criticizing the daughter-in-law all the time. In most dowry deaths, the mother in law is responsible. She manages to escape the clutches of law by citing ill health, old age and a bully husband.

The women are raising their voice against injustice. Some are going to the extent of falsely implicating in laws. The men/ husbands are the ones without a say. It is power politics. And the man, in his innate urge to please the wife and his own mother, is making both of them angry. It is because the man is faking it with his Mom and his wife. Men fake emotions better than women. I have yet to see a man have a difference of opinion with his Mom. I see women fighting arguing and loving their moms at the same time. Does it mean women are born free and the man is always trying to improve his position in the society?


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