Holidays in Jharia

Cricket coaching has started in a big way at Shivaji park. The amount of women playing cricket is good to watch. Spotted really small kids learning cricket in Achrekar cricket academy. Nine year old kids teaching six year olds, how to catch the ball. It was really sweet how the small kids were struggling to catch and I thought that boys knew how to catch a ball from their mother s womb.

Emptied my swimming bag and found a small dried red flower. It still had a lovely fragrance.

The Holiday season is on. Everyone wants to do Hongkong Disneyland, Orlando or Dubai with their children. I told someone Dubai is awful and I did not hear the end of it. They thought I had gone mad. My vacations were always at my cousins' house. We played the whole day and ate whatever was cooked at home. vacation did not mean pizzas and pastas. Vacation did not mean shopping bonanzas. Vacation was going to different cities in your car and experiencing a place. Living at the temples, dharamshalas or Dak Bunglows. Bathing in all the holy rivers. getting up for Mangala Arti at the temple. Ending your day with the evening Arti on the bank of Ganges, followed by sipping hot milk and rabri. In between we did all the sight seeing of historical places that we could manage. No lazing in the bed and no afternoon siestas. No spa holidays and no beach bumming. We did not have fancy suitcases. If you did not have a bag, a carton would do good enough. Simple thin towels to wipe after a dip in the river. One soap to be used by the whole family. No loofahs, no face wash and no hand sanitizers. No tissues in those days. We did not once complain about the Indian toilets nor the hygiene in the places. I did not do a holiday class. Cooking, studying , drying clothes, folding them and cleaning shelves were how we kept our minds busy. Then there was cleaning of wheat, rice and toor dal which happened every afternoon. We helped with that too in Fatehpur Galli.
A friend reminded me about how we used to hang around in our balcony. Our house verandah overlooked the lane. In those days of no hangout joints like Barista/CCD, we just looked out to see guys passing by. That was the only entertainment quotient we had. No phone calls and TV wasn't there and almost no electricity or water during summers.

Happy Holidays!!!


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