Some days when I have all the joys in my life, I want to crib. I am happy to have my family and self healthy. I am in the top 2% income group if I get an English newspaper at home. I have all my basic needs met. So my mind is free to wander. Its easier to go downhill than uphill and my mind knows all of Newton s laws. It actually follows it. The thing called soul or the higher self wants to be upwardly mobile. So after the material bit, I want to be up on the spiritual plane also. Maslow's law of needs gets applied here. I am dissatisfied with my life and myself first. The actual reason being today I had to share my swimming pool with two other women. And they swam faster than me. I can create competition in the most relaxing of the environs for myself.

The other day in the Yoga class, there was a big discussion about whether we should start the air-conditioning in the hall. The two teachers were of opposing views. Me and a retired Sociology professor wanted the natural environment for yoga. The men in the class kept quiet. The teacher said there is no end to this debate, so we will have voting the next day. The class got over. Suddenly the whole atmosphere changed. Usually after Shavasan or the sleeping pose, we all get up relaxed with a smile and ready to take on the world. Today it was the big bad P word:POLITICS. Small groups had formed. All discussing the pros and cons of air con. Some did not want to pay the RS 50 fee hike per month we would have. Doctors in the class were being consulted. I could sense the animosity between the teachers. All were discussing this as they wore their shoes and left class. People had already pinned down who was the culprit who felt hot in class and wanted the air conditioning. People were very vehement in not wanting the ac. The ones who must have asked for it were really meek. My peaceful class had turned into a battleground. Is this what democracy does to us? or is this what choice does to us? Just because the Yoga institute gave us the power to decide, we took on the blame game. It became an Us against Them in the class.

So far the next batch after us was 'Them'. They push, shove and jostle to enter the class early even before the earlier batch has a chance to get out. Yoga and aggression just doesn't go hand in hand. Its about calm and relaxation. If we get that much, it is enough.


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