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I have joined a yoga class. It is funny but all the things that i resisted earlier is what i love now. Two things made me do Yoga. One is a friend I truly admire, adore , idolise. She said she gave the churma ladduprasad from our Ganpati to her yoga teacher. She learns yoga! Wow , then I surely must join. Second is Madonna, she practises yoga and is fab at fifty. Actually the Holly wood actresses, models who practise yoga seem very inspiring to me. Toh aisa hai ki ,Yoga yahan se hai aur mujhe wahan hota hai uske kaaran yoga karna hai. Me and my craze for all things imported.
This class is in a quiet hall which is just a hall with a compound. There is nothing else and the hall is used for yoga only. In Mumbai all things places are so multi purpose that I find this rather unique. There are a couple of huts inside the compound. Bambai hai toh encroachment toh hona hi hai.The ladies in the hut keep stitching godris out of old clothes and drying them on the wet ground. The men of that house sit on the bench and listen to songs on their mobile. The hall is covered with dhurries. One toilet and a changing room at the end.So far I have not yet ventured there. The teachers sit at a reception like desk at the left of the hall near the entrance.
The yoga class runs for the last forty fifty years. Fill the form, pay the minimal fees and join. I have taken three to four fifteen pm slot. It was difficult to give up from My Me Time which is one to four pm. I meet friends, go for lunches , shopping, read, visit the parlour, chat on the phone, write my blog, clean the shelves etc all in this time. So you can imagine how precious it is for me.After this major sacrifice I joined. It is personal coaching with out paying extra for it. The teacher corrected me in the first sentence." It is not Yoga, it is yog."Got that. Then she asked me to read the name of the first excercise. Again , "It is not asanas , it is aasan." I just shut up and followed instructions after that. The difficult was not the excercise but to keep your eyes closed, relax and do pran dharna. By the way, praan dharna , is watching your breath.
Second class, I was asked to weigh myself right at the teachers desk and it was written against my name in the attendance register. Any ways all women are fat in my class and above sixty in age and weight.I didnt much care about them until I saw the way their bodies could bend and stretch.
The attendance was taken as in school all names were taken with surnames. Have never heard so many surnames ending with Kar and De. Every one said "Yes madam" when their name was called out. I wanted to giggle. All sixty plus women so much respect for the teacher. They can easily sleep or watch soaps but here they are committed to their health and their lives.
Today I walked in ten min late and the teacher asked me why i was late. i was again asked to name Sulabh Pawan Muktasan. She asked me the meaning of sulabh . I said common . She said why. I said because sulabh sauchalay is common toilet. Next was Dronasan. She asked What is Dron? I said I know Dronacharya was a saint.She was stunned. Then it was time for Group meditation and Pranayam. This was just the third class. New yog updates later.


  1. Mee yoga class nahi join karnar| Aikla ka!!

  2. You gave me inspiration to join 'YOG' now.Few days back had a neighbour who asked me to join a class with her but the time couldn,t meet my requirements.
    You keep on doing it:) Have lots of good health n fun altogether.



  3. Hi Parul
    Did I tell you about Dhirendra Brahmchari, Indira Gandhi's yog guru.
    my mom learnt yoga ,oops yog from him in her school in Katra .
    met him a few times , majestic personality , .
    Aparna ashram and Vishwaytan Yog ashram were founded by him in Mantalai , Udhampur and Katra respectively.
    The Mantalai one is a five star yog school with its own air strip, and all that one can imagine.
    Babaji died in a plane crash while flying a two seater plane.
    The Yogi owned a gun factory,few other business interests, properties and ashrams around india,
    Yoga expert but not a true yogi.used it to reach high places, amass property, etc

    Haribhakt Swami is another yogi I know .Dhirendra and him learnt yoga from the same Guru so Gurubhais.
    he works for the good of common people,runs many social service projcts.
    is accesible to common people.
    popular amongst people and respected a lot.

    can be called a true Yogi.An inspiration.

    Be happy and enjoy your YOG class.


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