Sometimes I want to write the blog to bash someone and sometimes to criticise people. I am generally not so thrilled when people dont respect you and your privacy. This is an encroachment of a different type. Cannot be qualified as harassment but is bothering nonetheless. I have my circle of friends of both sexes, married unmarried, divorced, married again or going to be married. One thing all of us have is respect for each other. There is no crossing boundaries, no innuendos sexual or otherwise. There is mutual love and respect. There is also respect for that person s husband/ wife/ family. No one passes comments which could be misconstrued. Each spouse is ok with all friendships because they are so above board. It does not mean we do not share our lives with each other or talk out our problems with each other. No one is artificial or pretending to be someone else at any point of time. I am grateful to all my friends and really thankful to all their families.In all this the sanctity of marriage is very much there. No one has set these boundaries. These are the good people and the good spouses I am associated with.
I really wonder than why does a man flirt. They say no one is loyal always and stuff like that. Your thoughts become actions. So bas line maaro. The latest is ofcourse with an emotional twinge. These are the people who do not respect their spouse and hold no sanctity for their marriage. To say man by nature is polygamous is utter shit. Vikram Bhatt had written it is ok for spouses to wander in marriage because human beings are not monogamous. But when asked would he want to be the same in his next birth , he said I would not. I have hurt so many people by being that way and that seeing them hurting is unbearable.
Way back, I have had some people making calls like crazy. Lots who would write long sick letters. One was so angry that gist of his letter stated what a money grabbing woman I was. Some one said what a big flirt i was. One would land up where ever I was out with friends. One would wait every evening for me.One would keep sending gifts which I would chuck without opening.Then the email and sms harassment came in.Even dirty jokes piss me off.These were all normal people whom I had known and had had normal friendships with. What happens to perfectly sane people who are good in their upbringing and careers and have no addictions what so ever? Is this the reaction when they cant get the woman or do they feel spurned? I did feel violated by each of those instances.
When you flirt with a person who is not interested in you, you are definitely violating them. Some People do not know what normal healthy friendships are. If a girl talks, she will give in is what they think. It is utterly disgusting. Sorry I am not against men or women in general and the traits can be in any person. Lot could be in the upbringing about how you relate to the opposite sex. I just have my parents and whole lot of cousins to thank for that.Again why blame parents if the son turns out whatever. Each one of us is responsible for the life we choose to live.Does a harasser think if he would want anyone to harass his wife, daughters, sons?


  1. All you wrote is so true. Maybe now people have got much more accesses to contact people they wish you,in any way they want to!

    That one is a Bold post from you! Liked it.Agree with you totally.
    Today i saw a Phirangi with a typical plain shabby looking girl on a kinetic n wondered what must have happened to the smart educated looking guy?

    Guess... World is changing fast!!!:)

    love n have a nice weekend.


  2. very very bold and daring piece.

    wonderful gift you have got to put your thoughts into words.

    keep going.


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