Ganpati is here.
Hi all. Sorry for the long leave of absence from writing.
Mumbai is most beautiful during this time. So festive so united. Dadar market was buzzing on sunday afternoon and no one was wearing masks.Why does the press make such a big issue of things. Life is going on and pretty well for Mumbai. I have become such a Mumbaikar. Everything about this city pleases me and i have an innate fear of Delhi.
I realised i had become very self righteous. Totally judgemental about people and the way they lead their lives.
house has been cleaned and washed.In this process I Have also cleaned the closets of my mind. I welcome the new me and the new world which I can see now. I always tell Jaideep that the sun changes when ganpati is approaching. The same light is back from navratri to Diwali morning. Come Padwa and then the sun s direction changes. Support for Ganpati has come from all my loved ones.Thank God for wonderful family and friends. I am eternally grateful.
All friends family visit from far and wide. It is a happy joyful occasion. Am experiencing and ongoingly creating love and abundance in life. Thank you life.


  1. God bless.
    Enjoy the festival. Convey best best wishes to J, Love to kids.

    Thanks for writing.

    We love you the way you are.
    keep going.

  2. Hi dear Parul,

    I agree with you totally the sun and even the breeze changes around this time. The last six months of the year bring so much to cheer about!
    festivals,happiness,fun. I especially love this time of the year!

    Once again magically narrated by my dear Friend!

    Love you so much! keep writing!



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