My alteration Darji

I go to a small hole in the wall kind of a shop for all my alteration work. Two tailors sit on their sewing machines opposite each other in a small shop. They dont do any ladies alterations as they stitch men s clothes. All the vegetable vendors, delivery boys, office peons, sales boys from small shops, my roadside chai wala etc are his clients. He said if he does ladies clothes alteration then he will loose his business.So I pass off all my jeans as men s. Earlier I used to give clothes to which ever tailor was free. One day the other guy said we have a family and things to do for family. Clothes can wait. So I have stopped giving clothes to him. I now give clothes to the nice man who is prompt in his work and polite too.

Today my alteration tailor is sad. He had lost his Mom four days back.He lived with his parents. He is more than forty five years old and the world sure has not pampered him. He has not been married ever. Has not found a match.His Mom wanted him to be happily married but that did not happen when she was alive. He has four brothers, two are married. The eldest one decided not to get married. Tailor is the third one and could not get a suitable spouse. He said people were showing very sad girls for him and now he is left out. All have families children wives.He has to take care of his father. The guy who sits opposite him on the sewing machine is his real brother.He was really lamenting the loss of his mother. She passed away peacefully. Had dinner and sang some bhajans and left for heavenly abode in her sleep. I share his sadness with him today. May God give him love.


  1. Do we ever give a thought about lives of these folks around who are so much of help in our lives ?

    Thanks to these fellas who do small little things for us.
    God bless your alteration darzi and give him a suitable match soon.


  2. Good that you listened to whatever sadness he had to share.

    Hope he,ll find his soulmate soon. We shall pray for the poor simple guy.

    Pl. tell him that he inspires us. Just like you inspire me to feel blessed by sharing these incidents.

    love lots n take care!


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