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I am barely getting a hang of facebook and there is Twitter to master. New technologies, new innovations . What about new us? All companies are doing innovations on their products creating new products, improvising existing products making them more user friendly or more updated. What am I doing for myself?
Wohi hi ghisa pita pe naye kapde daalo. No technology, no innovations for our own selves.
I want to buy new cell phones when they are launched. Have I ever thought how much I ll love myself if I bring in something new in my life. Some newer version, more user friendly, more open, more loving? Wont people want me more? Wont they feel more comfortable around me and more welcoming within me? Sorry this was about me and not about people . Dont I want to better myself for my loved ones? I know they love me for who I am but can I give them more for their love because I love them?
Do I have the drive to be a better mom, better wife, better child or better friend everyday? Do I want to provide a little more everyday? I love myself, hai na? So how about giving more of myself to the world everyday.


  1. I have been thinking of this since a long time as well... how much and what is the limit. Have u realised why co. do these pdt extentions and inovations etc... Is it that we want it or it is that they are making us want it...
    The other day i say my wife laughing away to the glory watching Big B's stupid acts of comedy in Namak Halal and I was mum. I realsied my demand/standard for/for comedy has grown so high that i dont laugh at the ones I used see again and again. Sholay my fav movie doesnt entertain me any more... DDLJ is no more the romatic hit for me... Khiladi series is forgotten for action when MI series looks way behind the nw ones... Old Golmaal n Jane Bhi Do yaroon and Chasme badoor doent even gigle me. While I need more and better my wife is enjoying with the older ones still. End of day I see her having a good nite sleep... While I am awake watching more action, comedy, emotion, romance, horror etc. I have seen her not sleeping well if sees an heavy action or a horror or a high emotional drama with me. Where am I/we heading? How much more do we/I want?? How much more can our brains take? May god bless her to have a better sleep every nite.

  2. dear Parul

    you deserve all the good things in life.

    oops that reminds me I got to check about the apple iphone.

    God bless


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