Bandra Worli Sea Link

Monsoons have arrived in Mumbai. Sealink has opened in Mumbai.I have yet to drives past it but one thing for sure this will ease up the traffic near my house on the main road. Will make reaching suburbs easier for my children s school and classes. My cab driver had already been on it with his family. Said the toll is worth it coz you save two litres petrol and i calculated 26 signals from Bandra east to Worli. We did see the laser show on the sea link and that was beautiful despite the clouded skies. The cabbie was very happy with progress . He said more things like this should happen in Mumbai then people will be calm as no traffic on the roads. He said to send her to USA as she doesn t want the flyover which will further improve the sealink. He said humare paas unki cassette hai aur hum wohi sun lenge. Koi free mein toh gaaya nahin tha usne. He didnt take her name. Cho Chweet na?
Rain no rain I expect all maids to come to work. They are the ones whose houses get flooded, gutters outside their hutments overflows and the electricity is cut off. I still have no sympathy for that. I am just concerned about my life which should be going smoothly no matter what. That happenned even the day terror attacks happened, train blasts happened or 26th july rains happenned. Is it wrong to be selfish? Hicks says first you have to be selfish enough to love yourself then you can love others. If you are well, it does not mean you have snatched someone of their good health. Be happy. It is my first and foremost commitment to life and myself.
Happiness will remove all road blocks/ signals and help you reach your destination faster. Just like the Bandra worli sea link


  1. Hi Parul

    one detective agent of mine tells you have already been to BW sealink.
    pl tell us more about it.

    Be happy always .
    Like your perspective on happiness.

    mein agar khud ke liye nahin,
    toh kaun hoga mere liye .


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