My fears

Whenever I am unwell, my biggest fears start coming up . No it is not like I ll die and then what. The fears come from the ashes where I had thought I had burnt and buried them. These are the fears I encountered at work.
First incident I remember was at my second job. There was a saturday morning meeting which went on endlessly with out a tea break. I used to look foward to going for tea to Caf (ya we called the staff cafetaria that and there were no CCDs and Baristas)at ten thirty. Being in the hostel for years, one craved for food. So I asked for a tea break to my boss and the whole room fell silent. He said I was free to go and the meeting will continue. I ran down to eat and keep down my bouts of nausea. Lo! after lunch all hell broke loose. I was called to the boss s cabin with the second in command. The door was shut. A clear indication of things to come. I was screamed at for my bad perfomance etc. And it was just tea I had asked for. That too in a place where I worked was a super deluxe five star hotel. All those things about customer is the king and we serve our guests and our guests come first became a sham.
Then came the phase when you were asked to invite corporates for a business meal to the hotel. This would give you a chance to know them and get business. Surprisingly, all used to come for these meals as they could choose the restaurant of their choice and that too during work hours. The food smell of the restaurant was nauseating to me. But guests would enjoy the full spread from soups, anti pasti to main course to desserts. Thus started my love for veg biryani. That was a the only thing which was not bland and I could enhance the flavour by adding lime. After some rounds of food poisoning and acidities, I stuck to iced tea, veg biryani. Desserts were had only during the Mango festival and that was mango with vanilla ice cream. Another thing the hostel didnt provide. But the love or craze for five star food went away with the first five star hotel job I had.


  1. Hi Parul,

    That would be really tough for You. Good you are out of it now.
    Now i know why one of my cousins who also worked in a 5 star craved for home made food! Haha.
    love n tk care


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