What do you do at home when you are awake in the dead of the night while your family sleeps peacefully that is apart from writing your blog? I dont want to move about as the children will wake up. I can see so many things to clean and sort out in the light of the computer screen. I am trying to be as quiet as I can while typing.I just remembered some one said you must write about love.
Abhi, that is very easy. I love myself. I love my family. Story over for me.
What I do for my family is not enough or rather there is so much more I want to do for them.Oh my God, Love is already in the 'doing' domain.If you love then you have to express it . It can't be only verbal communication.In todays day and age , even verbal communication is missing. So you talk to express love and then that is not enough. If God said I love you my child and didn t provide me with the goodies, I would not believe in love.It is I who work hard to get what I want in life. How come I credit God only for the non working things in my life. Who says things are not working in your life? What makes you say that? It is because I look all around me and then set my so called own standards.Anything amiss from those standards and life is not good for me. What love? I am most angry with my loved ones. So is love there when all things are well and in place the way I want them? Is love there when all my wishes and desires are met? Or is love more heavenly and out worldly? Not for the understanding of mere mortals like us.
I know the child s love is self less but what is wrong with selfish love? Is it that there is no selfishness in love? If I cant love myself, how can I love others? I am not even thinking of love in various relationships. I am saying what is wrong with being selfish? Does being selfish mean you have to trample someone or snatch from someone? Na, there is enough of love and everything for all of us. The matter is of trust and belief. Do I trust myself to love?and I am not taking about making choices here. Do I feel love is the eternal truth? Or will I find love in my eternal quest for truth? Love is being true to your own self. This may be only half the truth... Ardh Satya


  1. Love! eternal quest for me too...

    You r right love is being true to your own self. Love is biggest necessity of life. We make friends to get love,love is also one reason u marry n have kids.our family is content when we love them n take care of them.

    And love is the reason i keep in touch with you!!

    So aptly written.Thanks for sharing the gyan.loved it as usual.All the best. Love!!

  2. Ardh Satya and so is the Love - Ardh... You feel its always half. Half is what you feel when you get & Half is what you give. Even if the giver give 100% & so have you- given 100%.
    Why do don't get content with Love that we get and give... Why is there no measure for it?
    So I ask you to write more... :-)


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