My fears continued

The second one was about working thru the night as a duty manager in charge where else but in a five star hotel. You had to work the full day today and then be the duty manager so work thru the night and next day till three pm. The bosses then kept a very important meeting at five so you could not leave home after 30 hours of work. This was at the managerial level, the staff had to slog more.You also had to report to work the third day on time. So I had to do rounds of the hotel and full rounds are tiring. The hotel was full so one didn t get a room for a couple of hours of sleep. I have slept in the lobby and also in the bar. Had the hostess wake me up at four am to say a room is now ready for you to use. The next day my poor team had had it. I used to be screaming and ranting due to lack of sleep.I just want to say sorry to each one whom I shouted at for no fault of theirs.
Some people have no sleep issues . I know friends who work round the clock and are fresh as daisies. Not me for sure. I count every hour of lack of sleep and attribute it to my bad behaviour. Thank God my children always slept thru the night. One day while I was the duty manager, I was woken at six am as two hundred people had walked int the hotel and started setting up. The security had no clue what to do. Later we figured it was a film shoot, which the owner had given permission for and forgot to inform the staff.Once a man got locked in the room and it just would not open from inside. He had a woman and her time was up. We had to calm him and get security to open the door for him.I have come to a conclusion that the hotel staff s life is the toughest.


  1. So many incidents! Would love to hear about it more fm you. How beautiful n well set it all looks when u r there as a visitor.
    Thanks for the actual insight.

    Very well narrated!!!


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