There is so much resistance when I have to start writing. Throughout the day I am brimming with ideas and that is only when I am not in front of the comp.Rest of the day , I am so busy with homestead and it is one good excuse.
Resistance comes in so many forms.It starts when I have to wake up early. Then I face resistance when I plan the breakfast menu. Resistance is experienced when I wake up my elder one and she wants to sleep some more. Resistance is when I want the younger one to come out of bath and she wants to play some more. Resistance when I tell the maid what is unclean or was left undone the previous day.
resistance when I tell the cab guy show me the correct meter table. Resistance when I tell the shopkeeper I ll come for exchange if it doesn t fit.Resistance when I give one priest at the temple some money and dont give the others. Resistance when I go to the school office for some fee related queries. Resistance when I have to go to the parlour,leaving children with husband.
Some where this resistance in me has now turned into a guilt. May be I am not doing it right or may be there is a better way to do it. Resistance also is coming because I dont want to those things, but rightfully I feel they should be done. Like the child should not waste water as slums dont get it. Like the cabbie should not overcharge when the rate is actually low . Like the mango guy at the signal should not put rotten mangoes in the last line which is unseen in the box.Like all those florists selling flowers in the by lanes of Bandra should not charge exhorbitantly when they are not paying any high Bandra rentals or taxes.Like the electrician and the plumber and carpenter have no fixed rates. They charge anything and explain any problem because they know you dont have expertise in the matter. Is this resistance to people because i feel cheated or is it resistance to their ways. Can money not be made without cheating?
The Red label tea increased their price by forty rupees a kg. They attached a small marie biscuit pack to assuage of the guilt so the consumer doesnt notice. The detergent guys have found a novel way of cheating, no two detergents weigh the same. Some weighs 385 gms the another is 950 gms. How can I ever compare prices before buying? Same goes for the neighbouring Udipi where the roti has increased from five to nine rupees per piece.I went to buy handkerchiefs for the children and the roadside vendor asked for 120 for twelve pieces , he bargained to 50.I bought just to realise that the supermarket sells it for 35.
Are we going to make fools of people all the time or are we going to get fooled all the time? I resist both all the time.


  1. I wish more people would read your blog to get insight on what,s going on around us.
    Common issues,yet so important!Really a MP in making...!!!!
    Congratulations. You are improving day by day. My best wishes to you.

  2. superb one. would rate it as the best till date.
    Itnaa/Aisaa sochne ke lye khaas dimaag/IQ chahiye .
    really appreciate it.

    God bless.


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