Me as your MP

Last night I had a dream which I vividly remember for a change. In the dream, I was asked to stand as an independent candidate in the forthcoming elections. I was talking to these unknown faces who were urging me to take this challenge on. Come on guys who will vote for me? I know my immediate family and there is only person above eighteen in that and that is my husband. My building wont vote for me . The business community likes to see if the candidate has done anything to help them grow their business. Sorry Raj, my building wont vote for you and enough shop breaking now. My in laws believe in voting for a big party namely Congress so that there are not too many alliances and the goverment can do their job in peace. There is no party threatening to pull out from the support they provide to the UPA for every decision they make. My parents well they still have to get their name shifted from the electoral rolls of Dhanbad to Mumbai. Toh woh be paanch vote gaye haath se. So family is out and friends belong to different constituencies.
Atleast Meera will have her Banker community voting for her. The doc will have medical community voting for her. Is there a housewife community or are they busy pulling each other down about who is the better housewife?

But sure you stay behind or ahead of the worlds largest slums ( depending on the way you look at it). I dont fit in there as I have never been inside one. I couldn t even watch Slumdog as I find those scenes traumatic. Let alone campaigning there. Also who knows me and who will take me around there? The cabs cant go into those tiny lanes.What can I do for Dharavi when I just manage to take care of my family.

The other day I saw a young man spitting outside the school at the bus stop. The bus refused to come and he refused to stop spitting. I didnt have the courage to tell him this is a public road, yahan thukna manaa hai. He might have just spat on me. If I cant stop even spitting, how can I stop corruption?
I buy my fruits veggies from hawkers who are on the non hawking zone. I use contacts to do darshan at Tirupati so that I can meet God without standing long in the line.I dont go to buy my stuff at govt approved shops, I buy from what is convenient and close by.
I dont even have a large coterie of followers who will do as I say or just follow thru the campaign. The caste and community votes are any ways out from all sides as I dont belong or confirm to any. I am not even an active member of the PTA in school. I dont even go for kitty parties where I will have a confirmed set of people. I am not a member of any affluent club or gymkhana in Mumbai so I can network and build contacts. The hotel industry contacts have not been nurtured over the years.
Please tell me what have I done to say I am a good candidate for the people?
And What can I promise to do for the people?


  1. Devi ji din ba din tumhari likhai badhia hoti ja rahi hai... badhai... Gajraj.

  2. Wow....!
    You spring surprise everytme. If u be our MP maybe life would be easier for me,would get children admission by giving your name. Myabe get reservations in train by giving your name.
    Aise hi bahut kuch. Tum dreams bhi bahut achche dekhti ho besides writing so amazingly..
    love Malli.


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