Matunga is very beautiful at this time of the year. There are lot of Gulmohar trees in all its bylanes. They do not allow the harsh summer sun to touch your skin. The best part is all the trees have yellow flowers. The pavements looks like a carpet when the breeze has blown and the flowers have fallen on it.
Today in my afternoon walk I heard some singing. The music came from the chawl above on its first floor. The stair case is open to the road. One side of the staircase leads to the rooms and the other side is the common toilets. Six or seven christian women were sitting on various steps. They were in different floral faded frocks and gowns. They were singing hymns in konkani.The sun kind of put a halo on them.They were looking so divine and in a trance. When the world was complaining about Mumbai heat and the women at home were catching up with their afternoon soap re runs, I could see God in them.
I walked past, a strong wind brought a shower of yellow flowers on me.
May be there is God.............


  1. Beautiful description of the lanes filled with the yellow flowers...!
    Also want to add that One just have to look for Happiness within self...!
    like you,ve written about the christian ladies. Modest houses,simple living but they are Happy.
    Isn,t that praiseworthy?
    Keep inspiring me with your writings..Thanks.
    love And god bless you!


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