Power of Cleaning

Today I saw them cleaning the ISCKON temple when I went for Darshan. I took Pranaya to the beach at ten am and after a few minutes she wanted to go. When I asked her would she like to go to the temple she said yes.
Last time we had witnessed the school assembly at the temple and it was quite an experience. The children came in the straight lines with teachers and class leaders handling the queues. They sat and said prayers. Then some students sang bhajans and played all musical instruments. After Hare Krishna dhun, it was time to go back to the class. The diary, the batch, and name tag were checked on their way back to class.The way education and religion were incorporated into each other was seamless.
Today the Garbha griha or the inner sanctum where the idol of Gods is kept was getting washed.Here the shringar of the Gods and Goddesses is always very beautiful and stunning. Today I saw the efforts that goes into this stunning temple. Each idol was dressed and standing atop a lotus flower carved in marble.The surrounding area was being cleaned.
Different saints were washing,mopping and dusting.Some were on tall steps wiping the gold inlaid wooden doors. One saint was cleaning the marble railing which stops us from going right near the idol. He was using dried stems to remove dirt from the grooves as a brush would scratch the marble. After the soap wash , the water used to rinse had fresh floral smell.The Hare Krishna chanting was going on in the background. Just being there watching was a soul cleansing experience.Now I have started cleaning the closets of my mind.


  1. Dear Parul,
    You writing touches the heart.
    God bless.


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