Happily Married

He is dark. She is fair. The quintessential Mills and Boon romance.
He is haphazard. She is very organised.
He is from a loving family. She is from a loving family which lives apart.
He has had past relationships. She has none that mattered.
He is lazy. She is prompt.
He thinks with his heart. She thinks with her mind.
He is messy. She is meticulously clean.
He loves a crowd. She is a one to one person.
Both are creative.
Both are happily married to each other.

He is cool. She is hyper active.
He wanted to marry for love. She to get out of her parents home.
He is diplomatic. She speaks her mind all the time.
They are happily married to each other.

He met her in an arranged marriage meeting.
He liked her. She liked him.
He is fair and so is she.
He is calm. She is peaceful.
He is a good host. She is a loving host.
He is always there for friends. She is generous in her love for people.
He stands with her. She is a stand for him.
They are happily married to each other.

He was ageing. She was growing fat.
He was poor. She came from a rich background.
He was classy. She was far from subtle.
He was chilled out. She was a wanna be.
They are happily married to each other.

He lived off his father s money. She was striving in her finances.
He was with family. She had never been with them.
He liked nursing his daily drink. She came from a family of teetotallers.
He was hep. She tried real hard to be.
They are happily married to each other.

He was educated. She was barely.
He was quiet. She was gregarious.
He liked a quiet dinner at home. She liked being amidst people at a party.
He loved sports. She could barely differentiate between a goal and a run.
He liked all. She was critical of everything.
He had seen the world. She hardly knew her country well.
His family voted for Congress. Her family voted for BJP.
They are happily married to each other


  1. Very different,Very interesting.
    Love your writing.
    Pl. keep posting.
    Found it very good .

    Like poles repel,
    Unlike poles attract.

    Isn,t it true for marriages also...?

    She is calm. He gets provoked easily.
    She like movies. He likes sports.
    She is patient.He is impatient.
    She is happy to be alone. He loves talking.
    Gradually she becoming like him. He becoming like her.
    They are happily married to each other...!

  2. This is really cool. Can't figure out 2 of them.

  3. Jaideep if you say- cant figure out both then I've miles to go...
    But I like Mallika's stand appriciate, add in some more n enjoy... (No offence)

    Parul are they just 2 or every line they are different :-?

  4. He emails her in Hindi. She learns Chinese painting.
    He visits Katra and Amritsar. She pays homage every Chinese New Year.
    He enjoys eating. She keeps putting on weight.
    He builds muscles. She works out.
    Her niece said come to India to shop for your trousseau ...
    He sprung up and said why not shop in China ... and let's be happily married!

    Thanks for the inspiration Parul ... keep writing! Enjoyed your blog. Love u!


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