I have a complaint. People just sms, they dont call. Saare ek rupiya bachate hai. I get some early morning happy and preachy sms s from some people on a regular basis. I get that they are thinking about me so the forward button is also pressed when my name comes on the contact list. Out of them, some atleast write personal sms and call too. But my complaint is against those who just forward sms. Is that the maximum you can communicate. Is that all you are willing to give of yourself? I am actually wondering that the more the means of communication, the less the people communicate. A friend came in an ad and my child spotted him.I still have not seen that ad and never knew about it. Is that communication? Another friend created an ad and when I said it was lovely I was told he had made it. Aisa bhi hota hai.
I have one friend who calls only when she wants something like a contact number or equally irrelevant stuff. The purpose is masked under lot of sweet talk of lets meet etc. Another friend calls only when she wants me to baby sit. When the phone rings I know what to expect. Another friend calls when she wants to come to my place to change clothes before moving to her next social appointment. I still call them friends.
A friend said there is a pattern in all your relationships.Why do they exist in your life if you dont experience friendship from them?
About children, we are always telling them do your best. Try your best in all you do. Wayne Dyer says { Ya I read a few books too. I dont just write}Tell children just to do it. It is important to do new and different things. When you tell them to do their best , they do only a few things. As adults we do only a few things. If children try new things now without the pressure to do their best, they are willing to take more risks in life. There is no fear of failure.Also parents should do all those activities with them to break their own fears.


  1. You didn't say a word about friends whose who dont call or sms neither reply to them???
    I had nothing to relate to :)

    I wanna add... Friends are the purest form of relationship bcos u choose them. Not born with not forced to be with... Its a choice 1 makes. Hence you call them friends what if they forward sms, dont reply to 1, come to change or call for reason...


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